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       {✨Our Sinful Wants✨}

         Episode 13.



I grab my bag and fling it across my shoulder before grabbing my phone and waking out of the room. 

 "I'm off mom. "
 I yell across the room as I take the steps downstairs and she's in the kitchen.  
I thought she was in her room. 

  "Oh , you are ready I thought you might be able to grab breakfast. "
 She smiles at me and I shake my head before grabbing a apple and kidding her cheek, walking out of the house after a little wave to her. 

 "Sorry I'm late  "
 I smile at Tom as I get inside the car and he kisses my cheek. 
   "Good morning. It's nothing and I arrived here also. "
 He smiles as me and I nod before he starts the car and drives off. 

  The weekend passed so fast and it was fun all the way cause I went on a date with Thomas on Saturday which mainly involves us going to the movies and to the park which was a hell lot of fun. 
And on Sunday, he came to my house for maths tutor. Him tutoring him cause I'm so bad at that subject. 
tutoring led to a hot intense make out with mother catching us in between it. 
He got shy and left earlier than he was supposed to. 

 I'm warming up to him and my relationship with him has taken a quick excellent turn and I couldn't be any more glad about it than I already am.
He deserves it. A lot, he deserves every good thing that I have to offer cause he has been patiently waiting for me to warm up to him these past few months so he deserves everything that I have to give. 
He's the most perfect boyfriend any girl could have ever wish for and I'm lucky to have him as mime. 

  "So were you able to get it after I left? "
 He breaks the comfortable silence sitting between us and his hand goes over my lap. 
I look down at it and smile before raising my head back to. 
  "Not really. I tried practising few but I just couldn't get the thing about all the alphabets in the equation  
Like seriously, what are the letters doing in maths. "
 I groan and he chuckles as he tries to use one hand to control the steering wheel. 

 "They are called unknown in math babe and dong worry, you would be able to get it soon. I promise you, I will come tutor you today also and soon you would be the master of me. "
 He grins and I smile before entwining our hands to him. 

 He like down at it and smile, bringing it up to his lips and kiss the back of my palm before dropping it have in my lap. 

 I let out a breath as we enter the school compound only for me to notice that there are crowd of students all situated at a point. 
What could be happening there? 

  "I think something is happening there. "
 Thomas says and I nod before undoing my seatbelt and we both get out of the car. 

 I trail towards the crowd with Thomas behind me and we make our way through the crowd wondering what it's so important the all the students are outside, instead if in. 

  My eyes widens immediately we made our way to the front and my breath gets caught in my throat as his dark eyes meets with mine and he smirks at me. 

 Damn! I forgot he would be coming today!



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