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      {✨Our Sinful Wants✨}

        Episode 12.


That's impossible! 

It's something that can't happen. Something that just can't happen! 

If mother accents his proposal and is getting married to him then that means.. That means that prick is gong to become my stepbrother. 

No, no  that can't happen. 

I must not allow that to happen. 

We can't. Mother can't. I don't want him to become my stepbrother. 

It would only make things more complicated than they already are. 

Mother can't get married to Nathaniel. 

   "No. You're not getting married to him. "

 I shake my head and her eyes meets mine before going back to the road and she abruptly pulls the car over while I gulp in. 

  She turns to me and raising her brows at me. Staking her head. 

   "What do you mean by I can't get married. Nathaniel proposed to me and I'm getting married right him. Do you have a problem with that? "


 "Yes, I have a problem with that! A big one at that! 

How can you get married to him. How can I be his stepsister. That doesn't even make sense. You can't get married to him mom. "

 I groan and she stakes her head staring at me. 

She doesn't understand. She would never understand. 

   "I don't understand what you're trying to say Quinn. Don't you like Nathaniel? Did he do something wrong to you? Tell me, why don't you want me to get married to him? "

  I shake my head. 

 "Nathanial didn't do anything wrong to me. "

 His son did. "But I'm but okay with you getting married to him. "

 I mutter silently and she scoffs. 

  "You don't have a valid pint Quinn. I'm getting married to him and that's my final decision. 

I have mourned your father more than enough, even though he isn't dead. 

He isn't us! Left me all alone! Did you even know how I had been feeling? Without no one to love me? Except you of course. I know you love me a lot but that can never be enough for me. 

I need a man to care for me and Nathanial had proven himself to be that man. 

He has proposed to me before but I had rejected it cause I was thinking about you. 

I wanted to give you more time to get over your father and now that you have finally gotten over him, I'm not gonna delay this any longer. 

I'm getting married to Nathanial and I'm getting married to him next month. "

 I huff as I turn away from her and turn to the window, fingers digging into my flesh. 

   "If you have no anger toward Nathanial then you have no reason for me not to get married to him. I'm sorry Quinn. I have always place your opinion first but this time, I can't. "

  With that, she starts the car and I let out a deep breath. 

  No. This can't he happening. It can't! Him and I, we can't become step siblings. 

This can't be happening! Not to me!




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