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        {✨Our Sinful Wants✨}

           Episode 11.


Luckily for me, mother gets back in less than ten minutes so Zach wasn't able to deal me with whatever it is that he was planning for me. 
I'm more than happy to leave as moms car pulls over avd I grab my phone from him harshly, glaring at him as hard as I can possibly do. 
Once upon a home, I used to love this guy. 
Maybe not love entirely, But I used to feel something strong towards him. 
Now, I don't know maybe I should hate him or not. 

   "Son. I hope you didn't disturb the girl too much. 
In sorry Quinn but he can be quite troublesome sometimes. "
 I smile and shake my head before heading towards the car, without not as much as a word. 

  I enter the car and wait patiently for mother to come back,who is still grinning over with Nathaniel. 

   I roll my eyes and stare at the phone to see ten missed calls from Thomas. 
Shit! He must have felt bad. I suddenly cut off the line without not as much as a single word. Then he called and I couldn't pick. 
All thanks to that prick. 
I will call him once we get home. 

    "Mom. Let go! "
 I groan and she turns back to look at me through the glass before turning back to Nathaniel. 
He kissed her and she jumps her way to the car while I roll my eyes at how childish she can be with this Nathanial. 

  "What's with all the hurry? We are gonna get home soon. "
 She days as she enters the car and I nod, shaking my head before rolling my eyes. 

   "I know. I just need to be home soon. I need to finish my assignments. Remember, you didn't let me do any cause you just literally dragged here after school. "
  I roll my eyes at her again and she chuckles, shaking her head as she starts the car while I look forward to see him staring at me, smiling at me even. 
I know what he's doing. 
He wants me to have it from him. He wants the have me at his utmost complete mercy  
I refuse to do anything of such. 
  I may have been stupid before he left. I may have been that girl why can't stay away from him and she's always bending to his wills. 
But not anymore. I won't give  in easily. I won't give in ever. 

  I sigh as the car finally drives out of the compound and I stare at my phones screen before taking my eyes to my moms finger which is tapping against the steering wheel. 

  What's that... Wait! Is tha. lt.. Is that a ring? 
 He proposed to her? And she accepted? 
Are you kidding me? 

   "Mom. What's that on your finger. "
 I ask the obvious, praying maybe it's one of her rings she fancies so much but it doesn't look like one of her many rings and she wasn't putting it on when we were coming earlier also so he must have gave it to her. 

   "Oh Baby. I forgot to tell you. Nathaniel proposed to me. We are getting married. "
  She grins and my mouth hangs open. 

  You must be kidding me!



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