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     {✨Our Sinful Wants✨}

         Episode 14.



 I'm quick to dart my eyes away from him quickly and I turn to Thomas who is staring at me. 

  "Is something wrong? "
 I ask as I make my way out of the crowd and he follows behind me, keeping quiet and not uttering a single word.
    "No. "
 He whispers and I sigh before turning to him with my brows raised. 
I know something is wrong that's why he's acting weird and all. 

 "Come on. Tell me, I'm listening. "
 I search his eyes and he sighs before running his fingers down his hair. 

 "I don't know. I just feel uneasy about him been back  you know, you guys used to be.. "
 Knowing where he's gonna take that to, I shake my head for him to stop and he sighs, before bending his head. Whispering a sorry and I sigh  
I know he's feeling insecure about Zach been back considering how we used to be before he left. 
But I also can't exactly assure him that nothing is going to happen. 
I will try my best to prevent something from happening but I can't exactly assure him nothing is going to happen. 

   "If you're worried about me running over to him then you have nothing to be worried about  I will do nothing of such. "
 I assure him, shaking my head and he nods his head, as if to tell he that he knows. 

  "I know you won't do anything like that but what about him? "
 He raises his brows and I shake my head again . 

  "What about him? "
 I repeat his question and he sigh before pacing around the room then stopping right back in front of me. 

 "What's my assurance that he won't do anything to you if you don't want to have anything to do with him. He used to be someone to you and he probably want you back now. Fuck! "
 He groans and I sigh. 
I have never seen him this at before. He gets jealous lots of times, yeah but I never seen him this way. So frustrated. 

 "I know that's but that's not the real thing bothering you. What is really bothering you Thomas, let me hear it. "
 I move closer to him but he shifts back a little bit, creating a distance between us. 
Not too large but enough to let me know he doesn't want me to come closer to him than I already am. 

  "What bothering me is that, you. You might want him. I mean, you guys were all into each other and I'm sure you still want him so if he comes now, you would probably choose him over me. "
 Damn! He just literally took the words out of my mouth. 

 There's nothing much I can do about this situation. 
If he comes to me, I will definitely deny him, yeah but I know Zach. 
He knows me and he knows how to manipulate me and how to make me... Do stupid things that I will end to regretting and will be in his favor. 
The only thing I can do for myself right now is to just stay away from him. 
As far away as I possibly can. 
Really really far say. 
I can't be anywhere near him, at all or I might lose my cool and I will do back into that toxic cycle with him again without turning. 

 I will just jump right into that best together with him. 
I can't get that happen. Not anymore. 

 He can't be my tormentor anymore. He mustn't.




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