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Season 3

Episode 67

(I hate you)

Emily's threat also made Jacob angrier. The reason that she threatened him with her life was to protect the child! Was this child worthy of Emily's life?    

He walked quietly to Emily and eased his tone meanwhile, "Emily, it is very dangerous. Why don't you get down from the window first? I promise that I will give you anything as long as you come down."    

"Promise me anything?" Tears had blurred Emily's sight and she was so frightened and muddled at the moment. She couldn't tell whether his words were true or not. "Will you promise me to let me keep the child?"    

Jacob answered directly without any hesitation, "Yes. I promise you. Please come to me."    

Emily gawked at him for a few seconds and suddenly shouted, "You liar! I know you've been trying to kill it! Why didn't you show your mercy to the baby at first? I have lost my parents. It will be the closest family member I have in the world. I can't bear to lose it!"  

He never understood how much the unborn child meant to her after all she had been through. For her, the child was like her only emotional support.    

"It is my fault. I apologize. I promise you everything, alright? I will do everything for you even if it costs my life, as long as you promise me that you won't do anything reckless again."    

His last words were so sincere that Emily let her guard down for a moment.    

Taking advantage of the moment, he rushed to her and pulled her to his arms, taking her away from the window.    

Emily struggled desperately in his arms and even scratched Jacob's chin, leaving several scars on it. She shouted, "Liar! Liar! Liar! You big liar! You lied to me again..."  

Before she could finish her words, she jolted pain by her neck. A syringe was unexpectedly injected into her skin. And she was drained of her strength.    

Trying hard to suppress the dull pain in his chest, Jacob lifted her up and carried her to the operation room in the mansion, which had already been prepared for her.    

Despite her losing consciousness, it seemed that Emily had foreseen what would happen to her. Tears flowed from her eyes to Jacob's shirt. "No! Jacob, please. I beg you. Please..."    

Jacob didn't say anything and picked up his pace to the operating room.    

The medical equipment was more complete than in the hospital. The staff were all well-trained. All this was to guarantee Emily's safety in the abortion.

  Jacob gently put her on the operating table. He bowed his head to kiss her smooth forehead. He saw that it was filled with cold sweat.    

"Don't worry. Everything will be fine once you have fallen asleep."    

Emily tightly clung to his clothes and said weakly, "Jacob, you can't do this to me..."    

Jacob took a deep breath and forced himself not to look at her pleading eyes. He loosed her fingers one by one.    

Emily loosened her grip and let go of Jacob's clothes, with eyes full of tears.    

She recalled the moment when Jack had forced Rose to abort her own child. She must have been as desperate as Emily now.    

She never imagined that such thing would happen to her one day.  

"Jacob, do think there is any difference between you and Jack? He mercilessly killed Rose's unborn baby even though she doesn't want to. You're just the same as him. Cruel and merciless."    

"Emily..." Jacob stiffened.    

"You keep saying that it is for my own good. Liar! You're just being selfish. You hated my baby because you think it's not yours and so you're just going to kill it! 

Have you ever thought of putting yourself in my shoes? Have you ever thought what I would feel, huh?"    

Jacob looked down at her firmly. He spoke in a dry voice, "Don't worry. We will have many children...    

As much as you want in the future." "Forget it" Emily almost used up all her strength. She was gradually losing consciousness due to the anesthesia. 

She only left three words for Jacob before everything went dark. "I hate you..."  

Those three words were like a knife, stabbing his heart. He trembled as if his body was poured with ice-cold water.    She said she hated him!    

At this moment, Jacob felt he could hardly breathe on what she had said.    

He was snapped out of his thoughts when the doctor's voice came to his ears, "Mr. Gu, the operation is about to begin. Would you mind waiting outside?"    

He turned around silently and went out out the operation room. His legs were as heavy as lead and each step took effort.    
It took him a long time to finish the few steps. It was like a walk on a spiky road.    
Then he turned around suddenly after a few seconds. With all his strength, he pushed open the door that was about to close.  

"Stop! Do not touch her! All of you, don't touch her!"    

All doctors and nurses were astonished and stood still. Jacob rushed to the operation table and lifted Emily up. He said to her, as his forehead pressed on her, "Please don't hate me, okay? I promise you everything and I'll do anything you want as long as you won't hate me... Let us keep this baby..."    

Jacob sobbed, "Why won't you answer me? Aren't you going to forgive me? Emily, I know I am wrong... I will allow you to keep this baby. Let us have many babies as much as you want, alright?"    

With their eyes wide open, the medical staff could hardly believe what was happening.    

It surprised them that the man, who had been cold, cruel, ruthless and resolute outside, was actually brought to his knees by his lover.  

"Mr. Gu, Ms. Bai is still under anesthesia right now so I am afraid she won't able to respond to you right now." One of the doctors couldn't help reminding him.    

Jacob seemed to wake up from a dream and recovered himself slowly. He stared at her unconscious form.  

She must hate him a lot now.    

Jacob thought he didn't care how she would treat him but reality gave him a hard slap. He couldn't bear that Emily hated him. What he wanted was to see her beautiful smiling face once again.  

He didn't want to see Emily's angry face like right now.    

Was he really wrong?    

Seeing how he was silent, the doctors looked at each other and didn't know how to react. After a moment of silence, one doctor asked, "Mr. Gu, do we still carry on with the operation?"  

Jacob looked sharply at the doctor, causing the latter to wince.    

"Stop it."    

"Understood, Mr. Gu." 

The doctor wiped off the cold sweat from his forehead.    

It was Jacob who invited them to have this operation. But now, it seemed that they were the unmerciful ones who did something inhumane and deserved punishment.    

All of these doctors had the same thought. Unfortunately no one had the courage to speak up because they didn't want to get in trouble, knowing Jacob's influence.    

Jacob bent down to lift Emily up once again and was ready to leave this operation room. "Write down all medical tips for pregnancy for me and prescribe some medicine for her to stay healthy. Give them to me later."  

"Whatever. I'll let Emily keep this baby, if that's what she wants", he thought.


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