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Season 3

Episode 74

(Don't be jealous)

"Hey, are you ignoring me on purpose?" Jennifer glared at Jacob. She didn't expect that kind of response from him.    Jacob only spoke flatly, devoid of any emotion, "Oh, hello, Jennifer."   

 Jennifer finally smiled, "Jacob, it's been a while. How have you been?"    

"It's quite long, isn't it?" said Jacob, still not showing any expression.   

 Emily gulped as she watched them interact with each other. It really looked like they went long back.    

She felt uncomfortable and tightened her grip at Jacob's hand, "Jacob, is.. she your fiancee?"    

Not letting Jacob reply, Jennifer spoke up first, "I told you not to mind what Uncle Gu had said. He always preferred the misfits."  

Emily frowned, "But that's not what you said earlier."    

"Ah, Jacob, your girlfriend might have misunderstood us. Could you clear things up for her?" Jennifer kept an innocent smile like a little girl who was hiding what she did wrong.    

Emily felt a bit of distress.    

Jacob didn't find anything wrong as he held Emily's hand back, "Emily, Jennifer is just my friend, not fiancee; so please don't be jealous."    

"That's correct, and even if I was once called Jacob's fiancee, it was back in our childhood. So does it really matter now?" Jennifer interjected.    

Jennifer wanted to make it clear to Emily that she and Jacob were just childhood friends. They treated each like siblings and there was nothing beyond that.  

Hearing what Jennifer said, Jacob frowned slightly and looked at Emily. Emily's distrusting gaze turned into a warm smile, "Ah that explains it. You only mentioned that now."    

Jacob could not help feeling disappointed because he thought that when Jennifer explained it, Emily would be jealous.    

Jennifer was used in playing tricks so she pretended to be shocked, "I thought we couldn't get along because of a misunderstanding. Let us not mind that now. At least, we cleared it up now, right?"    

"Well, I trust Jacob,"  said Emily. Emily smiled and looked up at Jacob gently, hugging his arm a bit.    

Jacob felt so happy as he embraced her in his arms; and suddenly he glimpsed at the tea and said, "You know, you shouldn't be drinking tea right now."    

Emily's eyes slightly widened, looking innocent, "I didn't drink anything, dear."  

Jennifer could only look at them, feeling her chest tighten at the scene in front of her. She shrugged off those feelings and her smile broadened, dramatically putting a hand on her chest, "Oh dear me. I'm so sorry. Is there something you like, Emily? I will ask them to make for you."    

Jennifer kept her warm smile as she sipped her tea.    

"No need,"  answered Emily. "Thank you for your hospitality." Emily really did not like Jennifer thinking she behaved so differently before and now. Jennifer was really cunning compared to other girls who liked Jacob, too.    

She could foretell that she and Jennifer would clash a lot due to Jacob.    

Jennifer chuckled, shaking off her hand as if it was nothing. "Don't be too polite! Jacob, come and sit with us. I just came back from S country and it's been a while since we last met! Shouldn't we have a nice chit-chat?"  

"I'm busy right now, so maybe some other time,"  answered Jacob.   

Emily was surprised at Jacob's reply as he did not refuse Jennifer's request.    

"Eh? Why? Is there anything urgent? You didn't pick me up at the airport and now you're refusing me again? Are we even friends?" Jennifer pouted, pretending to complain.    

"I need to bring Emily to the hospital for an examination. I heard that Magee also came back, so I will find some time to meet you two,"  Jacob spoke. Jacob knew the reason why Mr. Gu called for Jennifer as he might want to make Emily so frustrated that she would leave.  

He was still worried about Emily's condition so that was why he was bringing her to the hospital for her prenatal examination.  

It was true that Jennifer Jiang grew up with Jacob. When Jacob's parents passed away, the Jiang family took care of Jacob before Mr. Gu took him and adopted him into the Gu family.    

Because of this, Jacob treated Jennifer with trust and tolerance. He saw her as his own sister. And besides, Jennifer never showed any affection more than being family to him.    

That was why they have been friends for so long.    

"Fine,"  Jennifer could only say. She was disappointed but there was nothing she could do. She managed to stand up so she could accompany them out.    

But Jacob suddenly cuddled Emily up and walked towards the door.   

 "Jacob, what are you doing?" Emily gasped. Fearing that she might fall, she spontaneously raised her arms so she could wrap them around his neck.  

Jacob kissed her forehead, "You walk too slowly. Hurry up a bit, love."    

Jennifer felt her smile fading a bit as she looked at the happy couple in front of her. She felt a pang of envy inside her stomach as she said jokingly, "You guys are such a happy couple. When are you two planning to get married?"    

Jennifer felt like she was torturing herself.    

Emily clutched Jacob's sleeve. She actually didn't plan anything for marriage but she waited for Jacob's answer right at this moment.    

She felt a bit nervous when Jennifer asked.    

Jacob felt her worry as he gazed at her. Then he finally smiled, "We're planning to get married soon."    

Jennifer almost lost her composure as she heard those words. She knew that once Jacob had made a commitment, he always meant it.  

'But why would he?' Jennifer yelled in her mind.    

Mr. Gu had told her that baby Emily was carrying was probably not Jacob's, but Jack's! 'Jacob, are you sure? Are you still planning on marrying her?    

You don't mind all of these?' Jennifer could not help asking in her mind.    

Jennifer didn't know that Jacob was completely aware of the situation.    

Yet she would never understand Jacob had decided to accept Emily despite her condition, because losing her was his biggest fear.    

Jennifer glared at their back, gritting her teeth in jealousy. That Emily! Why was she stealing him away from her?  

  "Ouch!" Jennifer screamed loudly, quickly catching the couple's attention.  

Emily asked with worried eyes, "What's wrong?"    

Jennifer bent down slightly and pressed her ankle with hand as she frowned, "I think I have sprained my foot. Ouch! Jacob, may I go to the hospital with you?"   

The couple looked at each other as they didn't have any reason to refuse her.    Jennifer's ankle swollen and carefully lifted her injured foot, hopping towards the couple. "Come on. Let me go to the hospital with you."   

 Upon seeing this, Emily felt guilty for doing nothing. She broke herself out from Jacob's arms and went to Jennifer.    
Emily was kind of suspicious since there was a possibility that Jennifer had hurt herself on purpose. But her kindness prevailed her thoughts.  

"Jacob, can you put me down and help Miss Jennifer?" said Emily.    

Jacob sighed, furrowing his brows. But he finally heeded Emily's words.    

"There should be medicine in the mansion,"  Jacob spoke.    

Jennifer interrupted, "You know what? I sprained my ankle and it's better if I go to the hospital because it might be something fatal. You think I am going to be a third wheel between you two?"    

"Yes,"  Jacob answered directly.    Jennifer was shocked at his answer then crossed her arms with her nose in the air, pouting, "Fine! You don't need to tell me that I'm lonely and single as a pringle!"    After saying that, she suddenly felt someone lift her up. Her eyes widened because it was Jacob.


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