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Season 3

Episode 71

(Save it)

Jacob spoke with tenderness. "Whether you accept it or not, it's your call. But it's still up to me to give it to you or not. I promised you that I will not hurt the baby and I will give the baby the best things life can offer."    

Emily didn't know how to answer. She looked at the papers and back to Jacob, "I-I can't accept this..."    

Money had never been the reason why Emily chose to be with Jacob, after all.    Jacob said gently but firmly, "My principle is I never take back what I have given away." Then continued, "Come on! Think about it. If I annoyed you just a little, you can drive me away and I will be left with nothing! I will end up in the street!"    

"Wait, what? What are you saying?" Emily tried to stop herself from laughing.  

"See? If you kick me out, you're going see as a dirty beggar in the street. Alms, alms, please give me alms,"  Jacob put out a cupped hand around his mouth, making a funny face. Then he turned serious, "See? I am willing to give you everything." He reached out his big hands to hold a Emily's small ones, "Will you try to trust me more, please?"    

Emily tried to process what he just did. How crazy could Jacob Gu be? She opened her mouth to speak, "I...I'm sorry."    

"If you disappear from my side, I will surely go crazy. Stop running away from me. Please stay with me."    

Jacob knelt in front of her with pleading eyes. Feeling guilty, Emily couldn't help but to sigh and nod.   

 "Now that I have nothing, you cannot abandon me now." Jacob stood up and smiled. He hugged her and rested his chin on her neck. Inhaling her scent, he felt a sense of relief washing all over him.  

Emily didn't struggle to break the hug, "How come will you have nothing? It's impossible for you to go out and beg in the streets. You are a member of the Gu Family!"    

"Gu Family?" Jacob only sneered, "It's going to disappear sooner or later."    "Huh? What do you mean?" Emily was confused at what he just said.    

Jacob decided not to talk about it any further and changed the topic, "Now, Miss Emily Bai, will you come back to me? And we shall live the days together like we have used to?"    

Emily thought for a moment before she exploded into a smile, causing Jacob's heart to skip a beat. "Yes!" She leaned foreheads with Jacob and gave him a peck on the lips. "I will stay with you for the rest of our days..."    

Someone like him was rare. Despite her shortcomings and the fact that she hurt him badly, he still asked her to come back to him and be with him. How could a woman be stupid enough to let this kind of man go?  

Jacob could already breathe easy. Good days were finally coming and he just felt it as he held Emily tightly in his arms.    

In Jingshi City Prison, As Rose was being escorted in the prison, she noticed that something was off, "Wait. Is this a prison for males? Why did you take me here? How could you? You could have taken me to a prison for women!"    

The jailers who escorted her didn't answer and forcibly threw her into one of the cells.    

There were almost a dozen of male criminals in the cell. They stared at her in a dirty way, causing Rose to put her guard up.  

"Oh well. Even though she stinks, we got ourselves a woman, boys,"  One of them laughed.    

"Who knows? Maybe after a shower, she'll look good,"  said another one.    "Hmmm. I suggest that our boss goes first,"  another piped up.    

"Ugh,"  Rose muttered to herself, covering her body with her arms.    

Their words made her feel sick and shameful of herself. She held the handlebars and shook the door. She started to scream, "Get me out! Please! Get me out of here!"    

"Save it! You can scream as loud as you want once we get to ride you,"  one of the prisoners gave a creepy smile as he approached Rose.    

"Fuck off!" Rose cried out. "Stay away from me!" Disgust and fear filled in her eyes. She moved back, but there was nowhere for her to run. She felt cornered, "This is a prison! Laws still apply here, you know! Now get away from me, you jerks!" screamed Rose.  

"Laws? What laws?" The male prisoner who approached her jeered at her. He laughed as if he just heard a joke. "Funny you should ask! Have you ever wondered why we ended up here? I don't know what the flying fuck you just did. It was probably so bad that you got yourself here."    

"Fuck off! Get away from me!" Rose couldn't do anything but scream as those male prisoners went nearer and nearer. She cried out, "Jailer! Jailer!"    

"Save your breath. It's useless. No one will hear you. Even if you die today, no one will care about you,"  said one of them. All male prisoners laughed, mocking her.    

In this prison, there wasn't any woman to satisfy their sexual needs. As if the heavens heard their prayers, a woman was suddenly thrown into their turf. It was like a sheep being thrown to be devoured by hungry wolves.  

Men captured her and tore down her ragged clothes. No one had treated her as a human being once they had caught her.    

It was clear that they got the instruction from the higher-ups. They wouldn't have the balls to be this cruel if they didn't have anybody backing them up.    

Rose had lost her strength as the men tackled her down. She had experienced so much that she already felt numb. She could only scream, "Stay away! Get the fuck away from me! You fucking assholes!"    

"Bitch! How dare you call us names? You'll pay for this!" The boss of the prisoner cell barked. The male prisoners took turns in violating Rose.    

Rose was finally turning from frightened to numb on what was happening around. She could feel herself losing consciousness. She couldn't let herself be beaten by them!  

She needed to get her revenge! She saw a tunnel of light, so she reached out her hand towards it and found herself enveloped by it.    

Rose was laid on the floor like a dead fish after they were done. There were bruises all over her body and bloodstains all over the floor. It was such a horrifying sight.    

One of them kicked Rose at the shins but there was no response. He couldn't help asking, "Boss, is she dead?"    

The man they called "Boss" squatted down to check her breath. He froze for a while and said, "A few more breaths and she's a goner."    

"What do we do now!? Boss? What now?" Those male prisoners started to floor the boss with questions. If the woman had died in the prison, would it extend their sentence?  

The boss screamed impatiently, "All of you dickheads shut up! It's just two more years in prison. What difference will it make?" And he continued, "They didn't instruct us to keep her alive, anyways."

The prisoners felt relieved. Oh well, another day, another accident in the prison. It happened almost everyday anyway!



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