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Season 3

Episode 69

(Please have mercy on me)

Despite of what happened, Jack remained a member of the Gu family. Despite Mr. Gu's anger, he spoke to Arthur, "Send someone to keep an eye on him."    

"Understood, sir. It will be done immediately."    

Mr. Gu brought the teacup to his lips, savoring the tea's warmth into his system. However, it wasn't enough to change his bad mood, "One more thing. Kindly check up on what Jacob has been doing lately!"    

Mr. Gu thought he treated Jacob as if he was his own son. However, Jacob obviously had never been grateful to him.    

He remembered that Jacob threatened him with the Gu Consortium because of Emily. Having been the CEO for so many years, Jacob knew all the secret transactions that would make the business crumble if they were ever brought out to the public.  

For the first time, Mr. Gu was aware that Jacob didn't care about anything in the consortium at all, or maybe he knew something about what Mr. Gu had been trying to hide all these years!    

If that was the case, he didn't need to be kind to Jacob anymore!    

Anything he gave Jacob, he could always take it back!    

The Gu family were so busy in their own troubles, nobody noticed the dirty woman who escaped from Jack's basement.    

Rose sighed in relief. She never thought that she would see the light of the day ever again.    

She had been imprisoned in a dark basement and miserably tortured by Jack for too long. What date was it today? She had forgotten. She suffered so much that death could be considered a luxury for her.  

She unexpectedly escaped and she was truly thanking the heavens for letting her go.    

She had no idea what happened. It was all just a fuzzy memory. Right now, she wanted to stay away from the Gu Family, from Jack, and from the Tao Family. She had to find a way where they wouldn't find her.    

She knew how much they hated her. And if they ever caught her, they will make sure she wouldn't escape and make her miserable for the rest of her life!    The sky was gray and dark. It was also raining hard.    

Ignoring her pain, she limped until she reached the park. She found the rockery and sought refuge there.  

She remembered her life before. She graduated from a prestigious university and later, became a chief jewelry designer of a well-known company. She lived a life of fame and flashing lights.    

When she met and got into a relationship with Jack, she thought she would be able to live a high-class type of life. Then it turned out to be her biggest nightmare.    Jack, Jacob, and Emily. There were the ones to blame! They made her like this!    Her resentment towards them only fired up her will to live!    

The rockery was filled with rubbish left by some uneducated tourists. She scurried through the rubbish to find food. She grabbed a piece of hard bread that went bad and took a bite of it. She must survive!    

She must survive long enough to get her revenge!  

As long as she lived, she would make sure to turn their lives into living hell!    Rose kept eating the bread, plotting her next step.    

In the Tyrone Mansion, As time passed by, Emily came to know that even though Jacob didn't care much for the baby, he made sure that nothing awful happened to her. Instead, he kept watching on her condition so that cloud of doubt was gradually lifted.    

Jacob had a point. If he was really persistent in aborting the baby, he would have let the procedure continue while she was sedated.    

He accepted the baby for her sake. He wasn't over what happened between Jack and Emily so he had to pretend that everything was fine.    

She knew she had to remain vigilant.    Once the baby was born and was still with Jacob in the following days, things could eventually go wrong in the long run.  

Any man wouldn't be pleased if he watched the woman he loved give birth to another man's offspring.    

The baby would always remind Jacob of that Emily had a relationship with someone else. Surely, Jacob wouldn't be able to control himself and finally explode one day.    

The thought of leaving the mansion had always been in Emily's mind. She had to raise this child all by herself alone if she wanted to keep things peaceful.    

She tried to think of a plan and prayed that the heavens would listen to her prayers. One fateful afternoon, she got the perfect opportunity and Jacob wasn't home.    

Jacob was not at home. There was a truck in and out of the villa, which specially delivered fresh food for Emily.

  No one noticed Emily quietly hid herself in a big basket. This was picked up by the truckers and placed it inside the truck then left the Tyrone Mansion.  

Emily's heart thumped inside her chest. She was unsure when the truck would stop. When the truck stopped at the entrance of a vegetable market, she managed to sneak off the truck quietly.   

 Since Emily was in her early stages of pregnancy and didn't look obviously pregnant, she ran as quickly as she could from "danger zone".    

That was how she fled the Tyrone Mansion.    

Now where could she go?    

She touched the bank card inside her pocket. She didn't expect that it would come in handy.    

It wouldn't be too long before Jacob found out that she had gone. She had to go some place where he wouldn't be able to find her!  

Emily withdrew some money for food and hailed a taxi going to the airport.    On her way, a dirty beggar stopped her. 

   "Are you hungry? Here is some food." Without thinking for too long, Emily handed the newly-bought food to the beggar.    

The beggar grabbed the food and started to gobble it up. Then she paused eating and hugged Emily's leg.    

Emily winced at what the beggar did. The beggar was a woman who wore rags and her hair was in a mess.    

The beggar seemed familiar and Emily's eyes widened when she recognized the beggar.    

"Rose? Is that you?" Emily was unsure. Ever since Rose set fire in the hotel, she had never heard anything from the woman ever again  

She didn't expect she would see Rose under this circumstance. From what she knew, Rose fled and was being searched by Jacob and Mark.    

Rose groveled and begged, "Emily, I'm so sorry. Please have mercy on me…"    

Emily gave a cold stare, stepping back. "What the hell do you want?"   

 Rose continued eating and knelt in front of Emily, "I have suffered a lot these past few weeks. I am asking you to help me! I beg you!"    

Emily tried to pull back her leg, but Rose clung tighter. She glared, "There's nothing left to say. You did this to yourself!"    

Emily, I know I was wrong and I regret it. Do you know how miserable I have been all this time? Jack imprisoned me in his basement and tortured me day after day. He broke my legs then waited for it to heal so he could break them again!"  


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