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Season 3

Episode 58

(Why didn't you deny it)

"Please calm down, Jacob,"  Emily was still groaning in pain due to her hurting jaw.    

"This is bullshit!" Jacob released her and his fingers gently stroked the mark he had left. "Emily, we don't have to do this. Can you tell me what the problem is? Maybe I could fix it."    

Emily sighed, "I am tired, Jacob. Don't you get it?" She closed her eyes, and her eyebrows knitted together.    

After all, she didn't have the courage to tell him the truth. Saying she was tired was just an excuse--an excuse that all couples used typically to conceal what was bothering them.    

"Are you sure you are tired?" Jacob felt something was off but he chose to ignore it. "Then you better get some rest."  

He grabbed Emily's arm, pulling her out. He didn't let go despite the other's protest. He carried her bridal style tightly, going from her room directly to the car.    
"Jacob, what are you doing? This is really ridiculous!" Emily was banged the car as she kept screaming, "W-Where are you taking me?" Her fist kept banging since the car door was locked.    

"I'm taking you home, Emily,"  Jacob replied simply inside the car as he put on his seat belt.    

Home. Emily fell silent. She opened her mouth to speak but she couldn't muster the words. She decided to look out of her window as they drove.    

When the car arrived at the Tyrone Mansion, Emily looked at the luxurious building. 'It feels like it has been years' She thought.    

Jacob didn't say anything and just picked up Emily bridal style again. They went inside the house, to their bedroom and he settled her gently on the bed.  

"Sleep well, love. Sweet dreams." He pulled the sheets towards her with a gentle look on his eyes, tucking her in like a child.    

Emily closed her eyes, sighing. She failed again to tell him the truth. She thought to herself, 'It might be the last time so I...'    

Jacob climbed on his side of the bed, reaching out for a book. His other arm held Emily. He finally felt at ease, knowing that Emily was right next to him.    

Emily tried to figure things out but her eyelids were getting heavier. In Jacob's arms, she felt so safe and warm that she might fall asleep soon.    

Jacob had lost interest in reading within seconds. After flipping a few pages, he finally closed the book. He gazed at Emily's sleeping figure.  

"I will never forgive you if you tried to break up with me,"  He murmured, gently touching her hair.    

It was already dark when Emily woke up.    
Jacob was still by her side. "Are you hungry? Do you need something?"    Emily shook her head. She didn't feel like eating at all.    

Jacob frowned as he studied her features. She looked pale and weak. It seemed like she hadn't been eating well recently.    

He pressed the line and ordered some food.    

A maid entered and brought a bowl of warm porridge.    

Jacob believed that it was good for her health and requested to the chef to make something not too oily.  

He filled the spoon with porridge then brought it to Emily's lips.    

"You don't have to do this. I can feed myself." Emily reached for the spoon but Jacob was persistent on feeding her. "Really, Jacob, you don't have to. I don't want to be a bother." Seeing Jacob insist on feeding her, she reluctantly took a bite for the porridge.    

"You're not a bother at all." Jacob continued to feed her, "I love taking care of you." He was a bit clumsy since it was his first time doing this to other people. He was used being well taken care of by other people before.    

Emily didn't refuse the porridge this time and let herself be fed. All of a sudden, her tears flowed out of her eyes. She felt so guilty. It was so wrong.    

"Hey, what happened? Why are you crying?" Jacob asked immediately, "You don't like it? I won't force you." He placed the bowl on the nightstand.  

He would do anything she wished, after all.    

Jacob raised his hand and gently wiped off the tears from her cheek. He then pulled her into his arms and gently rubbed his hand on her back, as if calming a little child.    

Emily only cried even harder. She was overwhelmed by everything, her parents' death, her own situation, the fact that she didn't deserve Jacob's love at all.    

"Why are you being so nice to me? I don't deserve this,"  She sobbed, her voice cracking.    

"Don't be silly." Jacob buried his face in her hair and sighed, "You mean the world to me. I will do anything for you."    

What he didn't know was that the more he cared for her, the guiltier she felt. He was just so tender and loving. It filled her up with warmth that she couldn't explain. It was him who was destroying all the walls she put up.  

By the next couple of days, Jacob stayed with Emily the whole day because he was worried that Emily would do something stupid since her parents died.    

Emily had no chance of leaving. It tortured her inside. She had to face him every second.    

She tried to pretend like nothing ever happened.    

Yet it seemed like things only got worse and worse as time passed by.    

What Emily had been afraid of had finally come one day. It was a lovely sunny day.    
Jacob left for work because he thought Emily was better now. But he rushed back to the house shortly afterwards. 

 He walked straightly to the bedroom angrily. His eyes were burning and walked at a fast pace, as if he was about to kill someone. All the maids in the house avoided him and no one dared to say a word.    

What made him so angry? What happened? Things weren't like this a few days before!    

The maids kept a distance from the bedroom. They had a hunch that something bad was about to happen.    Jacob stormed inside and saw Emily sitting beside the window. Her eyes widened when she noticed his expression.    

"What…what happened?" Emily asked anxiously. His expression was so cold that Emily felt chills down her spine. 

   "What happened between you and Jack?" Jacob asked her in a demanding tone, his eyebrows furrowed.  

This was it. Her doom had come since he finally found out. She froze on her seat, her heart thumping crazily.    

"What are you talking about?" She asked, trying to stay calm.    

Jacobs tried to hold back his wrath. He took a deep breath and asked slowly, "Did you had sex with him?"    

Emily's face was as white as paper.    She knew that this moment would come sooner or later.    

"Hey, speak to me! Don't just ignore me!" Jacob suddenly burst out shouting, clenching Emily's jaw and forcing her to look at him.    

He pressed so hard that Emily almost felt her bones breaking. "I am sorry." She voice cracked, tears flowing out of her eyes.    

Emily strangely felt relief when she finally said that. Days of feeling torture were finally over.  

Unfortunately for Jacob, he winced back when she said that. He punched the window with his fist, shouting.

"Why didn't you deny it? Why didn't you try to explain? Why, Emily, why?"

"Because it's the truth," Emily said sadly. It was hard for them but she had to let him know.

Jacob felt his heart completely crushed by her words.


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