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Season 3

Episode 57

(You want to breakup, No way)

Tina's conviction got quashed very quickly after the courts declared that she was not guilty by reason of insanity. 

Therefore, she was only liable for civil compensation and not criminal liability. The judges sent her to a famed mental institution in Jingshi City.    

The prosecution charged Mark as an 'accessory after the fact' for covering up and dumping the bodies for Tina. 

However, after Mark's shrewd attorney managed to disprove the prosecution's half-hearted evidence, Mark was acquitted of all charges.    

This wouldn't be the first time in legal history that something like this had happened. A few years ago, the same attorney represented a murderer in court and managed to turn the conviction and restore his client's reputation. Compared to that, since the evidence against Mark wasn't competent enough, this case was going to be a walk in park for him. 

 Since most of the clients this attorney represented were morally questionable, his actions had been the subject to some controversy and criticism from fellow attorneys. While this earned him a bad reputation amongst his peers, it also gained him notoriety in the press.    

With his help, Mark Tao was acquitted of all charges. However, by then it was already too late for the Tao family, as they had lost public trust within the people of the city and their stock values suffered the steepest fall in their company's illustrious history. Mark's arrest damaged the Tao company's reputation so severely that it would difficult for them to recover in such a short amount time.    

Emily was furious when she heard the news. 'What?! No criminal liability because of the mental illness?!   

Then who is going to take the responsibility for my parents' death?! Is that it? Who wants Tina's compensation?  

I am never going to get my parents back!'    

Honestly, Emily could have killed Tina for a thousand times. Emily wanted to know if Tina had a heart. 'Is she even human? If she really is human, then how could she be so cruel?' she wondered.    

The news of the Tao's trial did not satisfy Jacob either. Discontented, he said, "Trying to escape judgment by hiding in a mental institution? Wretched woman! Tina, I will make you regret living in this world"    

The worst kind of punishment was the kind which made the victims beg for death.    

After Mr. and Mrs. Bai's funeral was over...    

Jacob arranged for the nicest caskets and the best funeral service in all of Jingshi City. He spared no expense to provide Emily's parents with a proper and respectable burial, as they were buried next to each other upon Emily's request. 

 Emily stood in front of their headstones with tear-soaked eyes, and swollen cheeks. She knelt down and laid a white rose on their graves.    

"Mom...Dad..." her voice trembled. With no more words, she looked at the picture on the tablet tenderly. They looked so peaceful, and she didn't want to disturb them.    

Jacob stood next to her in silence. He still had a grudge against Emily's parents for not treating her well, so he decided not to kneel before them.    

However, out of respect for the dead and Emily, just this once, he tried to show his respect for the couple who had raised Emily to be such an upstanding woman. His silence, was his way of showing his respect.  

Jacob was right next to Emily at her saddest moment, and from now on, he was all she had.    

Soon, rain dropped from a sky of white velvet, soft and steady.    

Emily was feeling tired. The cold washed over her skin to meet the warmth of her blood, wicking away body heat faster than it was replaced. Her parents had left a void in her heart that needed to be filed. A never ending dark void that consumed her, leaving her feeling nothing.    

Kissed by the rain and glistening, the wet ground was cold under foot. Jacob took off his coat and placed it over Emily's head, before picking her up from the ground. "Time to go, Emily,"  he said.    Emily took one last look at the picture on the tablet and whispered, "Mom, Dad, I have to go now.  

In the next life, I pray that you never come across Tina... Nor me."    

Jacob took Emily to the car and sat her down in the passenger's seat. Softly splashing water droplets hit the car windows as they drove onwards. She gazed out the rain blurred window to see the dark sky and the street lights reflecting in every single drop, making it look like a speck of gold.    

Moments later, Emily's voice broke the silence, "How I wish that Karma was real."    

Jacob raised his eye-brow as he glanced at the side of Emily's face and said, "They will eventually pay for what they've done."    

Emily did not respond. Moments later, with an expressionless face, she said, "Drive me back to my apartment."    

A bit confused, Jacob drove to her apartment without asking why. When she got off the car, Jacob couldn't help himself and asked, "Why did you move out of our home?"  

"Our home?" Emily asked.    Tyrone Mansion was a place they used to call home... Unfortunately, she did not deserve a love like that anymore.    

Feeling bitter, she gave Jacob a half-hearted smile and turned her back to him. "Just come upstairs. We need to talk,"  she said.    

Confused, Jacob frowned and did not say anything else. He slowly followed her upstairs, to her apartment.    

The apartment was spick-and-span. However, the moment they walked in, Emily couldn't stop herself from thinking about her parents' dead bodies lying on the floor.    

It was an unwanted picture that was deeply engraved into her mind, and perhaps she would have to live with that picture for the rest of her life.  

Jacob stood behind Emily silently. The crease between his eyebrows deepened. The smell of blood and disinfectant was still lingering in the air. "You know you can choose to live in a better place,"  he said.    

Emily's thoughts were interrupted by his words. She remembered why she wanted to talk to him in private. After taking a deep breath, she turned around and said, "I have been thinking a lot and I have something to tell you Jacob..."    

Jacob felt dismayed by the tone of her voice. He had a presentiment in the bottom of his heart that he did not want to hear the rest of the sentence. "I will take care of everything. You don't have to be so worried. Just get some rest. Okay?" he said.    

"Jacob,"  she said. Emily's voice was emotionless, as if she were a robot reading out of some manuscript. "I had told you this before. I can't be with you anymore,"  she added.  

'I knew it!' he thought to himself.    Frustrated, Jacob was furious, but he stopped himself from losing his temper. 

"Do you know what you're talking about? I understand that the loss of your parents is hard for you to take in, so I will forget about what you've said, but you need to stop talking like that again,"  he said.    

"Jacob, I want a break-up,"  she confessed.    

Jacob now realized that she meant every word she had said before. Panic-stricken, he asked, "What did you just say?"  

  Intimidated by Jacob's eyes, Emily bit her lips. Just as she opened her mouth to speak up, Jacob pushed her against the wall. From the force her back hit the wall, she could tell that he had used all his strength.    

"You better have a good excuse for me,"  Jacob said, and his teeth slowly gritted with anger.  

Daunted, Emily couldn't breathe smoothly. She dared not to look him in the eyes, but she repeated, "I... I can't be with you anymore."    

"Look at me,"  Jacob held her by chin, and forced her to look at him. "Why?" he asked.    

His tone became stern.    

"... I like you, but I just feel like it's not working out between us,"  she answered.    
"Bullshit!" Jacob cursed. Having lost his temper, he added, "Not working out? How? Appearance? Personality? 

Background? Or sex? Everything was working out just perfectly.    

Don't you see that we are perfect for each other? Break-up? Hah! No way!"  


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