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Season 3

Episode 55

(Don't touch me)

"Recently, the Bais are in close touch with the Tao family. Mark also deposited one million to their bank account,"  Sam said as he looked at his sullen boss. He hesitated but still kept on, "In addition, after investigating more deeply, we found that the Bais had planned to drug Miss Emily for twice. They wanted to make Miss Emily addicted to drug. I think they did so at the request of someone in the Tao family."    

Sam's shoulders went up to his ears. He got startled when Jacob banged a fist on his desk.  

"Those bastards! They deserve to die!" Jacob gritted his teeth angrily. His handsome face was filled with resentment, causing others shiver with fear. He then pressed the middle of his eyebrows as he composed himself, "Go on."    

Sam cleared his throat and continued, "The lady's pistol left in the scene was equipped with a silencer. It is a limited edition imported from S country. The Bais were shot dead by this pistol probably in the afternoon during that day. And yet, their corpses were found by the next morning."    

Jacob finally figured it out while Sam kept reporting.    

He certainly had seen that pistol in the police station. It was considered of high value and was obviously made to impress the ladies. But despite its flamboyant appearance, it was lethal. This pistol couldn't be bought simply with money. If one didn't have any power and status, they couldn't have it. Therefore, aside from Jacob, someone in the Tao Family could have bought it.  

From the explanation, the cat was finally out of the bag.    

Who hated the Bais the most? Who hated Emily the most? Who was the one that wanted to kill Emily the most?    

"Tina!" Jacob concluded. "How dare she?" He was in fury at Tina's trick. He would have torn her into pieces if she was around.    

The Tao family indeed had it all planned out. They have allied themselves with Mr. Gu to kill Emily this time around.  

But Jacob would never allow anyone to lay a finger on Emily.    

Time passed by quickly.    

Jacob arrived at the police station to see Emily, but he was surprised when he was informed that Emily has been transferred to another place.    

"Wait what? So do you think I have lost my authority and you can do whatever you want because some big shot is protecting your ass?" 

Jacob told the commissioner off and slammed at the paper of evidence on his desk. He was angry that he could kill the commissioner with his bare hands.  

The commissioner's face turned red and sweaty. He picked the paper up with shaky hands and grumbled, "M-Mr. Jacob, w-we did accordance with the r-rules..."    

His voice trailed off into a whimper as he looked at Jacob's menacing eyes. Jacob looked like a lion ready to devour him anytime.    

"I already found who the murderer is and I have found the witness. Now tell me. Where's Emily?" Jacob demanded.    

"I'll...I'll send her here right now..." The commissioner answered without hesitation, afraid that Jacob would kill him instantly if he refused.    

"No need. I can go and pick her up on my own,"  Jacob said coldly.  

"Y-Yes..! Uhm... I'll lead the way!" 

The commissioner smiled awkardly and wiped off the sweat dropping from his forehead using a tissue. Little did he know, a small piece of tissue got stuck on the wrinkles of his forehead.    

The subordinates, who stood behind the commissioner, dared not to say anything. Although Jacob's authority is starting to wane, his name was enough to send shivers down their spine.    

Jacob didn't want to waste any second. He drove to the new place where they kept Emily, following closely behind the commissioner.    

Emily was in prison and she knew nothing about Jacob's arrival. But she knew she fell in deep trouble.  

Emily was standing in front of a fat woman dressed in mannish clothes. The woman was staring frivolously at Emily with a lascivious look.    

"Yo, aren't you Mr. Gu's sugar baby? Why were you sent here?" she asked haughtily.    

Emily frowned as she heard this, but didn't answer.    

As someone new in prison, Emily was definitely not treated well as she was alone in her previous detention room. She was locked in a room together with several other criminals, and amongst them was the most notorious one named Betty. It was said Betty has been sent into this prison many times. 

She was now standing menacingly in front of Emily.  

What she liked to do the most was to bully the newcomers. Her physical appearance wasn't that appealing but she had this morbid obsession towards the bodies of beautiful girls. That was why she went mad when she saw Emily who looked like an innocent bunny.    

She grinned at the thought of humiliating Emily, beating her up, and making her writhe in pain.    

"Betty is talking to you! Are you deaf, bitch?" Betty's attendant, or rather her lackey, pushed Emily when she saw the latter ignoring Betty's words.    

Emily staggered, almost losing her balance.    

Betty looked Emily up and down then smiled viciously, "Hey, everyone, look at this pathetic worm!"  

Betty and her pals laughed and jeered Emily. One of them suggested, "Hey, Betty, why not pull her into the bathroom and give her an initiation?"    

"Yeah!" Betty's lackeys cheered and immediately dragged Emily into the smelly prison restroom. "We have seen so many snotty bitches like you, but in the end, all of them knelt down on the floor and begged for mercy."    

Emily tried to struggle with all her strength but there were so many of them! It gave her goosebumps when someone groped her breasts. She had never felt so dirty in her life!    

"What are you going to do? That's enough! I'll call the police! Let go of me! Help me! Someone is hurting me!" Emily shouted for help as loudly as she could. 

"Save your breath! No one cares on what we are doing. It's not like someone will help you anyways!" 

Betty cackled with her eyes all hungry to ruin Emily, "I want to play with you right here, right now!"    

Emily felt disgust for the latter. She struggled to free herself from their grasp. "Ugh, you monsters! Let go of me!" Don't touch me! Stay away from me!"    

When Betty's lackey dragged Emily into the bathroom, Betty wasted no time and pinned her prey, Emily, onto the wall.    

Fortunately, Emily managed to free herself from their grasp and dodged Betty. "Stay away from me, wench!"  

This Betty was a monster who was more than despicable for words.    

Betty's lackey watched in amusement as Betty and Emily kept running like cat and mouse.    

"Oh dear! Poor girl! If Betty jumps down on her, she's going to be crushed to death!"    

"Do you feel sorry for that girl?" 

Another joined. "What? I didn't hear you!" A lackey spoke sarcastically with a smile, cupping her right ear with her hand.    

"In my opinion, that weak bitch might faint if you slap her on her face,"  another lackey teased.  

Betty and her lackeys were used to beating up others and couldn't be more careless on what they do. 

After all, even the wardens didn't give a damn on what they were doing anyways! Any woman who was sent into their cell, was simply given their "warm initiation". That was why they were picking on Emily, who was a newbie in their cell.    

After all, this newbie had a beautiful face. So beautiful that they wanted to rip it off. They didn't like beautiful girls into their cell, or rather, their territory.    

Betty jumped at Emily once again and finally pinned her onto the dirty wall. "Now close your eyes, you poor rat." She tried to crush her lips on Emily's.    

Despite her fear, Emily managed to free herself from Betty's grasp once again.  

Betty got irritated when she didn't managed to kiss Emily. She glared at her lackeys and yelled. "Why are you all standing there? Pin this bitch down onto the wall! She and I will have a game we will truly enjoy." She spoke with a dark smile across her lips.


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