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Season 3

Episode 53

(You love me right?)

"I believe you. Of course, I believe you,"  he assured. Jacob's eye-brows furrowed in a deep crease. "But the situation you're in right now, isn't looking so good,"  he said.    
More importantly, someone was controlling the police from behind the scenes. Jacob suspected that it could be Mr. Gu, but he did not rule out the possibility of Mark and his sister playing a part in this crime. 

Jacob could get Emily out of there now by force, but it would only make things worse for her case.  

"Jacob, please help me find the murderer, okay? Find the murderer please..." said Emily.    

"I will find the murderer to prove your innocence,"  Jacob answered.    
"My parents... I want to avenge my parents' death..." she said. Emily frowned and bit her lips, bridling her anger with difficulty.    

Jacob held her chin up so that she could not bite her lips. "Okay. I will avenge your parents' death. Wait for me here and I promise I will come back as soon as I find out who is behind this,"  he said, assuringly.    

"Okay,"  she sighed. Emily wiped her tears and nodded him farewell.  

Since the complexities of the matter required a different approach. The only thing Jacob could do now was to find out the truth as soon as possible, without wasting time.    

Jacob had paid people on the inside to protect Emily from any kind of harm, and the chief of police did not dare to defy Jacob either.    

As soon as Jacob left the police station, he came across Jack who was also in a hurry to see Emily. 

Jacob squinted at him through hardened eyes. Every muscle in his face was tense and without a word he communicated intense mistrust, anger and discontent.  

"Jack, did you really believe that your childish tricks would work on me?" he said. Jacob smirked, as disdain filled his eyes, and added, "It seems that you haven't learned anything in all these years. You're still as arrogant as before."    

Jack's frustration was spilling out from his eyes. He sniggered, and said, "Really? But I heard that my grandfather has stripped away your powers."    

"So, I'm guessing that he gave them to you, right? You are welcome. Just take it as a little present from your uncle,"  Jacob answered, with a cocky smile on his face.    

The Jack standing in front of Jacob was no longer the impulsive boy he used to be. The years of hardship had made him more tolerant, if not mature. "We will see who has the last laugh, dear uncle,"  he said to Jacob.  

Jack emphasized the words " dear uncle", as if to goad Jacob.    

'So what, if you're my uncle? You don't have the blood of Gu family in you. Although, grandfather used to think very highly of you, he still took away your powers in the end! 

Nevertheless, the Gu family will not choose an outsider to be the heir!' Jack thought to himself.    

"So you still remember that I'm your uncle, right?" Jacob sneered. He cast a conceited glimpse at Jack and continued, "Then keep your distance from your auntie please. Her troubles do not concern you. I will take care of that."  

A spasm of displeasure contorted Jack's face and he clenched his fists hard. "...I was just going to say the exact same thing to you,"  he replied.    

'How dare you steal my girlfriend away from me, ' Jack threatened in his mind.    

Strangely enough, it was as if Jacob had read his mind somehow. "Please do not forget that it's you who brought Emily to me. You betrayed her and push her away with your very own hands.    

She's my girlfriend now. You are not even worthy enough to compete with me,"  Jacob replied.  

Before Jack could respond, Jacob went toward his car right after he finished his words.    

Jacob did not have the luxury to waste time arguing with Jack when he had more pressing matters at hand. He made a promise to Emily and he had every intention of keeping that promise.    

Having barely suppressed his anger, Jack stood there for a while before making his way to the police station.    

Unsurprisingly, Jack did not get stopped by the policemen but he did get stopped from seeing Emily, by the people who were on Jacob's payroll.  

"Jacob..." Jack uttered, gritting his teeth in anger. "Bang!" Jack punched the wall with his bare fists, out of frustration.    

'I want to see how long you can be so arrogant!', Jack mused.    


At the Tao Villa, the sun filtered through the clouds, welcoming a bright new day.    

Tina was sitting idly in the garden, basking under the sun, while Mark stood beside her, holding her chin up with his long fingers to check the scars on her face carefully. "Your face has recovered very well in the past few days and soon you will be able to do the surgery,"  he said to her.  

Tina ignored Mark's compliment, seeming uninterested, and asked, "Emily got arrested by the police. Is that true?"    

"Yes, she was apprehended and soon she will be charged,"  Mark said to Tina in a warm voice, seemingly warmer than the sun.    

"Then how come the news isn't all over the Internet? I want her notoriety to be publicized all over Jingshi City!" she said. By the looks of it, Tina had long forgotten about what had happened. Mark's constant soothing had worked its charm quite marvellously.    

"Okay, I will call the media to report it,"  Mark answered Tina casually, as he took out a delicate comb to brush her hair gently.  

All of a sudden, Tina squinted her eyes like a kitten, as she couldn't help feeling an itch in the back of her mind. "Mark.." she said.    

Tina's sudden change in tone caught Mark's attention, and he started to feel uncomfortable. "Hmm?" he responded.    

"I want..." she said.    

"What do you want? Hmm?" asked Mark. Gradually, his face darkened.    
Tina looked at Mark anxiously and licked her lip, clearly hinting at him.  

Just one day without drugs, and Tina was already starting to miss it....    

"No. Don't you forget that you made a promise to me,"  he said, sternly. 

Mark kept a straight face on purpose. "I will not give you any drugs even if you resort to playing your perverse and dirty tricks on me. Do you understand?" he said.    Immediately, Tina's face shrivelled up like a dry leaf. Discontented, she stomped her feet on the ground angrily and said, "You're such a cheapskate!"    

Tina's tantrums did not have any affect on Mark as he brushed her hair and sighed helplessly.  

Withdrawal was a painful process on its own and it was even more difficult for Tina because she lacked the will and persistence to fight her urges.    

Come nightfall, Tina's withdrawal symptoms kicked it like a wild animal.    

Tina turned the entire place upside down looking for drugs. She felt like a million ants were crawling in her heart and the pain was so excruciating that she couldn't take another second of it.    

Mark didn't want to use restraints so had no choice but to hold her in his arms, so that she would not hurt herself.  

"Let go of me! Let go!" Tina yelled. Mark was having a hard time keeping her in control, as Tina was struggling more violently than she ever did.    

Having lost her sanity, Tina gave into desperation and kissed Mark. 

"Mark, don't you love me? You love me, right? You want my body... Let's do it and in return you can give me what I want..." she said.    

Tina reached for Mark's belt, groping him, and she could feel his body freeze up with repulsion. 

Before she knew it, Mark slapped her hard across the face.    


Stunned, Tina staggered back, with her hand on her face. In utter disbelief, she looked at Mark with eyes wide open.  

"Tina Tao, never sell your body for anything in the world. You are insulting my love for you and you're insulting yourself!" Mark screamed at her.

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