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Spoiled Girl

Season 3

Episode 52

(Whatever you like)

In the detention room, Emily was sitting on the cold floor, with her face buried between her knees. 

Gradually, the loneliness awakened her long forgotten childhood memories.    

"Do you know that when you were just a little girl, you loved to sleep all the time? That's why we gave you the name 'Emily'."    

"Wow, you've won an award for this semester too. My Emily is just outstanding! What would you like for dinner? I will cook your favourite..."  

"Emily, take care of yourself when you go off to university. You need to keep working hard. We want you to have a bright future ahead of you!"    
All the memories that she had forgotten about rushed into her mind, but all they left were just the rough sketches. Debby's tender voice echoed clearly in her mind, as if she was standing right in front of her. Emily broke down in tears.    

No matter how bad things had gotten between them, they used to love and care for her as if she was their real daughter. Their love was like the warmth and shelter in winter for her. She would never forget that.  

Now, in her loneliness, she felt abandoned by all the people she loved the most. She felt like an orphan.    

Emily's father and mother were no longer alive and nothing could fill the void they had left in her heart.    

Emily wished with all her might, to bring her parents back to life, even though... Even though they wanted to hurt her for Tina's sake. However, none of that seemed like an issue anymore. If her forgiveness could bring them back, she would willingly set aside all her grudges against them.    

Unfortunately, reality always found a way to betray people's hope.  

As time went by, Emily wiped her tears and finally pulled herself together. She didn't know who was responsible for her parents' death, but there was a glow of determination in her tear-soaked eyes, telling her not to give up.    

Emily swore to herself that she would not rest until the killer was found and brought to justice!    

She racked her brains, scrambling through the recent events in her mind.    

Yesterday Debby and Andrew were doing just fine. Where did they go after they left her apartment? How did they appear in her apartment this morning? Most importantly, right before she was about to leave the city? Also, where did the murder weapon come from...  

"I want to speak to the person in charge of this investigation!" she demanded. With fists clenched, she banged on the iron door and yelled, "I have questions that needs to be answered! Please open the door! I want to see the person in charge!"    
Strangely enough, none of the people at the police station responded to her requests, as if they had been ordered by someone to ignore her.    

Emily bit her lips, while thinking of solutions quickly in her head. 

Eventually she concluded that she had no options available to her. 

'What should I do...' she wondered.  

Meanwhile, somewhere else.    
Much to Jacob's surprise, he didn't expect to be held up for so long by some small time cops. It didn't take him long before he figured out who was pulling their strings from behind the curtains. When he realized how ridiculous the scenario was, he wanted to laugh out loud. 

Did they really think they could keep him detained so easily?    

After he had dealt with them, Jacob quickly booked a ticket back home, without wasting another minute.    

When he found out what had happened to Emily, Jacob was furious. Before dealing with Jack, he rushed to the police station where Emily was being detained.  

As soon as Jacob stepped into the police station, everybody there was shocked by his unexpected appearance. They approached him with trepidation and asked, "Mr. Jacob, what are you doing here?"    

"Don't you know the reason?" Jacob taunted. He cast a deadly glance through everybody with his menacing eyes, petrifying them on the spot. "Where is she? Release her now!" he demanded, with an icy cold voice.    

The chief of police smiled stiffly at Jacob, and said, "Mr. Jacob, are you talking about Miss Emily? I would gladly release her, but the case she is involved in is way too serious..."  

Before he knew it, Jacob had his hands on his collar, almost strangling him to death. An air of eeriness and unsettling coldness emanated from Jacob's gaze. "I'll ask you one more time. Where is Emily?" he said.    

"I will take you to her now..." the chief mumbled.    Soon, Jacob was brought to the detention room where they had kept Emily. The chief quietly left the room, to give the couple some privacy.    

"Emily, you are such a troublesome girl. I just left you for a few days, and you managed to get yourself arrested?" Jacob's angry voice echoed throughout the narrow detention room.  

When Emily opened her eyes and looked up, she saw the man she had been dying to see standing at the door. Pleasantly surprised, she stammered, "J... Jacob?"    

The next thing she knew, she was in his warm, loving arms. How she missed the scent of the man in front of her! In that moment Jacob squeezed a fraction tighter and Emily breathed more slowly, her body melting into his.    

Emily could hardly breathe, but she squeezed him back, not wanting the moment to end. His warm touch made all her worries disappear. 

Snuggled in his arms, she felt like the little ship that had finally found its way back home after spending many hopeless days lost in sea.  

"You are safe. Thank God! I am so relieved..." she said. Drops of tiny beads trickled from her face, landing on Jacob's jacket.    

"What could ever happen to me? But you! You've outdone yourself this time! How dare you break up with me!" he taunted her. Jacob squeezed her cheek and raised her chin to look up at him. His deep gaze met with her teary eyes, red and swollen.    

Emily's eyebrows furrowed as she looked at him. Her pale lips quivered. "Jacob, I've lost my mother and father. They... they are dead..." she said, with a heavy heart.  

Jacob froze like a statue. He didn't know, how or why, but at that moment, he could no longer find the will to scold her anymore.    

"You still have me,"  he said. He held on to her trembling body, trying to soothe her despair, while his heartbeat sped up drastically.    

"I've lost my parents..." she murmured in his arms, repeating the words continuously with her fragile voice.    

"You still have me. I will be by your side forever,"  he said.  

Forever? Emily found it difficult to accept that word. She thought she was not worthy of his 'forever', but how could she tell him...    

Jacob couldn't bear to see Emily crying like that. Without a conscious thought, he blurted, "If you want, I can be your Dad."    

Jacob regretted saying that as soon as the words left his mouth, because Emily started crying even more desolately, like a person who had lost all hope.    

Jacob furrowed his eyebrows, and gently wiped her tears away. He lowered his head, and kissed her lightly on the face. Little by little, he kissed away her salty tears. "Please don't cry,"  he urged her.  

Jacob took her soft hand to his chest, and let her feel his heart beating. He smiled and said, "If you cry, my heart cries."    

Emily wiped her tears with her sleeve and glanced his way. Her lips were a pale pink that reminded him of a rose bud. Jacob gave in to the urge and kissed her lips passionately.    

Jacob's hands brushed through her long hair, and pressed the back of her head, forcing her to endure his stormy kiss. At that picture perfect moment, the world around them had disappeared, as they immersed themselves in their love and affection for each other.    

When Emily tore herself apart from him to breathe, they returned to reality.  

"Wait for me here. I will come back soon. I am getting you out of here,"  he said. Jacob let her go, and sat her down on a chair, before he left the detention room.    

Ten minutes later, Jacob walked in, looking distressed and frustrated, as if he was going to blow up the entire police station.    

"... What happened?" Emily asked, carefully.    

When Jacob turned to her, his anger was replaced by disappointment. "Sorry, Emily. I can't get you out just yet..." he said.  

Emily bit her lips, and then said, "Jacob, I swear I didn't kill anyone. You have to believe me."




  1. When will this sequel end abeg

  2. I don't see this part as being part of the story
    The storyline is a mess, n not interesting


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