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Season 6

Episode 24

(The Truth About Dong Tao Town (4)

“Because I don’t want to fight with my husband tomorrow for the final prize,” Huo Mian said slowly.

“So… that’s why.” Su Yu felt a bit sad deep down.

He thought that Huo Mian only gave up on purpose because she wanted him to win….

However, now she said that it was only because she didn’t want to compete with Qin Chu.

Sometimes, you could desperately chase down the truth, only to find how brutal it is…

“Okay, I know now. Thanks for telling me the truth.” Su Yu bitterly smiled and then turned around sadly…

The truth was, Huo Mian felt bad as well. She didn’t want to torment Su Yu all the time, but she really didn’t want to go against Qin Chu in the finals and win that prize, because Qin Chu loved her too much and would definitely lose on purpose.

It didn’t matter who won the 180 million, her or Qin Chu, but Qin Chu represented the entire GK corporation.

So she couldn’t do that… which was why she lost to Su Yu.

Truth be told, she clearly knew that if she continued to ask for cards back then, she definitely could’ve won…

She was just lacking one point, and there were plenty of cards worth one point left, so the probability of her winning was very high.

However, she never thought that Su Yu would come over and ask all that…

“Honey… what’s wrong?” Qin Chu walked out of the hallway entrance, and he just happened to see Huo Mian standing against a wall in a daze.

“Nothing, I felt a bit stuffy, so I wanted to walk around the deck.”

“I’d love to come with you.” Qin Chu held Huo Mian’s hand as he spoke, and the two walked onto the deck.

The endless sea could always immediately lift up people’s spirits…

“Did you lose on purpose back there?”

“Yes.” Huo Mian nodded.

“Because you don’t want to go against me in the finals tomorrow?” Qin Chu asked again.


“Haha… dummy, it’s only a game. Even if we go against each other tomorrow for the finals, it’s all the same, no matter who wins,” Qin Chu comforted her.

Huo Mian turned around to look at him and slowly said, “I don’t want to go against you even if it is just a game. Never.”

After she spoke, she poured over into Qin Chu’s arms… like a child that had been wronged.

Qin Chu had never seen Huo Mian like this, so his heart-ached as he held her in his arms.

His hand softly patted her shoulder…

“It was my fault, I shouldn’t have brought you here. If I knew you were this serious, then we wouldn’t have come. Who cares about 180 million? Who cares about great prestige? None of it compares to my wife’s smile.”

“You really know how to woo me.” Huo Mian raised her head and pinched Qin Chu’s chin coyly.

A day passed in the blink of an eye…

It might be because they were on a boat, so they lost their sense of time.

The third morning soon approached, as everyone gathered inside the Central Hall and waited for the final battle.

After rounds and rounds of elimination, Qin Chu and Su Yu walked up to the competition stage.

It was a five-meter-long table, with five well-trained dealers that stood on the side…

“Today is the final round of competitions, and the rules of the game are very simple. Big versus small. Each player picks out a card and will compete in value. The winner will be decided from best of three, and the one who wins will win the 180 million American dollars, and Mr. Lawrence will personally sign the check.”

The blonde foreign executive with blue eyes spoke with fluent English, and the crowd roared as applause filled the hall.

It was as if they were all waiting for this moment…

“I have another request.” Su Yu suddenly raised his hand to interrupt the foreigner’s speech.

“Oh no, our Young Master Su is going to stir sh*t up again…” Wei Liao patted his forehead, wiping away sweat.

“Whatever, he hasn’t stopped since he got on the boat…” Tang Chuan smiled.

“Please go ahead, Mr. Su.” The man knew that Su Yu came from a great background, so he was very polite.

Su Yu looked at Qin Chu, who was standing across from him and spoke word by word, “If I win, then I hope you will let me dance with the female companion President Qin brought along with him…”

Qin Chu’s bright eyes dimmed upon hearing what Su Yu said…

Huo Mian, who was watching from below the stage, also froze…

She never imagined that Su Yu would have such an odd request…

“Uhm… the companion Su Yu spoke of… is our Huo Mian, right?” Zhu Lingling asked, dumbfounded.

“If it isn’t Huo Mian, then would it be you?” Gao Ran looked at her scornfully.

“President Qin, what do you think?” Su Yu asked Qin Chu as he looked at him, with a provoking smile on his face.




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