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Season 5

Episode 6

(The First Silent Treatment (6)

“The patient is no longer in critical condition. However, we just operated on her spine, so she will need to rest. We’ll have to monitor her for a while, so we’ll send her to a VIP room.”

Huo Mian’s heart ached as she stared at Yang Meirong’s pale face…

She was still unconscious from the anesthesia.

Huo Mian gave Jing Zhixin some money and asked him to take Auntie Wu out for food. She, herself, stayed behind to take care of her mother.

“Sis, what do you want to eat? Want me to bring you some take-out?”

“I don’t want anything, no appetite.” Huo Mian shook her head in exhaustion.

“Okay, I’ll come and find you in a bit.”

Jing Zhixin then took Auntie Wu, who had been helping them the entire day, out for a meal…

Huo Mian held onto Yang Meirong’s hand with a sunken heart…

If Yang Meirong wasn’t her biological mother, then who was?

Does that also mean other than Huo Zhenghai and Jing De, she’s also got a biological father?

But Yang Meirong never mentioned such things. She would have to really dig into this incident after her mother wakes up.

She had been alive for 24 years, and suddenly she was no longer who she thought she was. Her world felt shattered.

However, regardless of who Yang Meirong was, whether she was or wasn’t her real mother, she still raised her. Her heart still bled as she watched Yang Meirong lie on the hospital bed because of her.

“Mom… I pray that you will be okay and that you will get better soon.” Tears glimmered in Huo Mian’s eyes as she watched the person on the bed.

Jing Zhixin came back after thirty minutes. Auntie Wu, on the other hand, headed home after hearing that Yang Meirong’s condition was no longer critical.

“Sis, I will take over the watch, you should rest.”

“I’m fine. You should go home and sleep, you have school tomorrow.”

“My classes are okay, but you still have work. You can’t do this alone.” Jing Zhixin passed over the take-out in his hands.

“Here is some congee and pickles. Just have a little, or else your body won’t be able to take it.”

“I don’t have any appetite. Zhixin, you watch mom, I will go buy some food for my colleagues.”

After she left the VIP room, Huo Mian ordered an abundance of food from a restaurant.

Huang Yue and Zhang Caiyun donated 400CC of blood each, it was very generous for them to do so.

Like Huang Yue said, her eyes went dark and she almost fainted after donating blood…

400CC is quite a bit for a girl.

Since Huang Yue and Zhang Caiyun were close with Huo Mian, she couldn’t possibly give money to them as it would be a sign of disrespect.

So, Huo Mian purchased a lot of delicious cuisines that were high in nutritional content for her two coworkers.

During downtime, Huo Mian chatted with Head Nurse Xu Yan outside the OB/GYN clinic.

“Head Nurse, a B blood type mother and father would never be able to have an AB blood type child, right?”

“Of course not. Two B typed persons can only have a type B or O child. Weren’t you taught during your first-year intro course? That’s a silly question for a top student like you!” Xu Yan chuckled.

“Haha, it was just a thought!” Huo Mian laughed it off awkwardly.

On the other side, Qin Chu thought it was odd that Huo Mian wasn’t picking up her phone. She would very rarely turn off her phone.

There were spare chargers at home, work, and in her car, so she would be able to charge it immediately.

Unless… did something happen to her?

The more Qin Chu thought about it, the more worried he became. Finally, he made the decision to head home immediately. Today was supposed to be the day where he went to GK to delegate his duties to others. After all, he did tell his father that he was quitting. However, he got tied up by the shareholders meeting as soon as he arrived. A couple of the big shareholders were throwing tantrums, and his father was nowhere to be found. Assistant Yang was so busy that he was practically running in circles. So, Qin Chu had to come out and take care of the situation. After a full day of work, he wanted to pick up Huo Mian for dinner. However, he hadn’t been able to reach her at all, and therefore started to worry.

Huo Mian wasn’t at home either by the time he arrived. Qin Chu felt a slight panic rush over him…

He pulled out his phone and was about to try to dial her number again, he received a call from home.

‘Young Master, please come home. Mr. and Mrs. Qin had a terrible fight, Mrs. Qin is crying and threatening to leave home.”

Qin Chu furrowed his brows as the maid finished speaking. He couldn’t help but sigh, for misfortunes always come in a pair.





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