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Season 5

Episode 7

(The First Silent Treatment (7)

– The Qin Manor –

All the lights in the grand, majestic mansion were lit…

As soon as Qin Chu pushed open the front door, he saw the living room in shambles; Qin Yumin sat on the couch, quietly smoking a cigarette.

His mother, on the other hand, had a piece of luggage in her hand, as if she were going somewhere…

“Mom… what are you doing?” Qin Chu frowned; he didn’t seem to approve his parents’ actions.

Over the years, his mother had always been somewhat high maintenance and ill-tempered, but she knew when to compromise. His father was the one who made the big decisions in their family.

Usually, his mother made smaller, day-to-day decisions, like which brand of soy sauce to buy. Qin Chu didn’t know what kind of problem would cause them to fight as seriously as they were.

“Son, you came back at the perfect time. I don’t want to live with your dad anymore, I want a divorce.”

As soon as Mrs. Qin saw her son come back, she immediately began playing the role of the poor, sad lady – there were tears in her eyes as if she had been badly wronged.

“What’s going on?”

“Your dad said that he approved your resignation, but I’m not going to agree to it. How can you guys not discuss something as big as this with me? Do the two of you not treat me as a part of the family?”

“Mom, it’s company business,” Qin Chu objected.

“Company business? Isn’t GK the family’s company? Anyways… I told him that you’re our only son, and you can’t leave GK or us. We already tolerated your decision to move out, but how can you have the heart to… completely leave us? I bet your father is cooking something up behind me. Maybe he has a mistress and an illegitimate child somewhere, that’s why he’s treating you and me with such indifference.”

“Don’t you cast malicious slanders at me…” Qin Yumin pointed at his wife with trembling fingers.

Him agreeing to Qin Chu’s resignation was a heat-of-the-moment thing; of course, he wasn’t going to actually cut ties with his son.

“Mom… my dad’s not like that. You’ve been married for so long, you should know him better than I do. Don’t say hurtful things like you’re giving out candy; you may not mean it, but he might be hurt by what you say.”

Qin Chu always thought that his mother had a poisonous tongue – if she was in the right, she would rub it in others’ faces; if she was in the wrong, she would still argue as much as she could.

All these years, his father had treated his mother quite well and never quibbled with her over the small details.

Now that they were older, his father wanted to protect his reputation. He couldn’t stand someone accusing him of having a mistress and illegitimate child.

“Who knows? Everyone knows that he’s calculating and shrewd, but I’m not about to be tricked by him.” Mrs. Qin was holding her stance.

“If you want to go, just go, I won’t stop you. I’ve had enough of you over these years.” Qin Yumin waved his hand in fury.

“Great, son, listen to him, he finally said the truth. You can tell he wants to chase me out of the house. I’ve lived here for so long, he doesn’t have to award me, but I did so much work around here. I also gave birth to Chu; Qin Yumin, I can’t believe you have the audacity to treat me like this, do you really have the guts…”

Mrs. Qin didn’t seem to be in a hurry to head out the door; she pointed at Qin Yumin as she shrieked at him, much like a shrewd b*tch.

“Mom… stop it, you guys.”

“Chu, look at your dad…” Mrs. Qin continued.

“Mom, stop putting on a show. I know you guys better than you know yourselves, so stop acting in front of me, there are just too many flaws. Oh, and… you guys are doing this so that I don’t leave the company, right? Fine, I didn’t say that I had to resign. However, if I don’t, then Dad, you cannot interfere with any of my decisions in the future. You don’t have to go through all that trouble to play pity in front of me, your son isn’t that stupid,” Qin Chu leaned by the door, looking helplessly at his parents and telling them what he thought.




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