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Season 5

Episode 97

(The Poison You Can’t Get Off of (7)

With Zhu Lingling’s reminder, Gao Ran immediately snapped back to reality. He then turned around and took out something from his bag.

It didn’t have a pretty packaging or a bag to go with it; he placed it onto the table with a big “pa”.

“Huo Mian… this is for you, happy birthday.”

Gao Ran’s gift shocked the other three…

“Are you kidding? Gao Ran… are you being serious right now?” Confused, Huo Mian looked at the gift, and then at him.

“Of course it’s not a joke, I truly wanted to give this to you. This isn’t easy to find. I had to use my personal contacts to get this for you. It even has a serial number, it’s definitely real, and is completely different from those fake ones you find online. You won’t be able to get this even with money, you know?”

Huo Mian stared at the brand new pair of handcuffs on the table, as if a thousand llamas ran through her heart…

They were real handcuffs, and a pair of new ones too, with its own serial number.

Why would anyone give handcuffs to someone as their birthday present, was this Gao Ran insane?

However, Zhu Lingling knew Gao Ran fairly well, and she immediately understood what it meant.

She laughed as she cursed at Gao Ran, “Hey Gao Ran, you’re terrible. They haven’t been married very long, and you bought an S&M toy for them to play with? How filthy are you?”

Qin Chu, “…”

Huo Mian, “…”

“What are you scared of? This is to add spice to their married life, you know? Newlyweds like them have to try new things, plus it helps with relationship building. Don’t be shy Huo Mian, and don’t be scared. This is to lock Qin Chu up, not you. Put this on Qin Chu, and he’ll be all yours to play with, however you like, whichever position you like,” Gao Ran said earnestly, with a straight face.

Qin Chu, “…”

Huo Mian, “…”

“This is the first time I’ve seen anyone giving handcuffs as a gift. Gao Ran… you win,” Huo Mian exclaimed.

“I never take the normal way out, haha.”

“I think you did this to save money. You’re just cheap and don’t want to give her something expensive. You can’t get away with this, you must treat us to this dinner and the after-party at Seductive Fox tonight, or else we won’t let you off the hook,” said Zhu Lingling as she pouted her lips.

“Ha, no problem. Not a big issue, but are you sure you want to go to Seductive Fox? You don’t have anything against it, given your previous bad experiences?” Gao Ran admired Zhu Lingling. Even after what happened last time, she was still brave enough to go to Seductive Fox.

“What is there to be scared of? My mindset is that I’ll get up from wherever I fell. I stepped in dog sh*t last time and met a scumbag, but what I do have to be scared of, now that you and Qin Chu are around? Besides, who dares to touch the captain of the Municipal Public Security Bureau? Does he not want to live?”

Zhu Lingling might sound like she was making fun of Gao Ran, but her eyes filled with uncontainable admiration.

Gao Ran was the youngest police captain in the history of C City, and even though he hadn’t been in position for many years, he had already cracked countless cases.

He fought with deadly criminals multiple times and rescued hostages. He was undeniably brave and courageous.

Even though he always spoke unwisely, everyone knew of his righteous ethics…

“Ahem… Now those are words I like. Fine, it’s just spending money, I’ll let go this time, and offer a year of my salary to treat you guys to it.” Gao Ran bit onto his teeth, and gladly accepted to be exploited by Zhu Lingling.

Huo Mian smiled as she took the handcuffs. She played around with them, and then after she looked at Qin Chu, she said faintly, “Honey, how about… you try it?”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, honey…” Qin Chu slowly replied.

“Whoa, you two really like to show off your love, but since you guys are this cute together, I will accept and willingly swallow… this public display of affection…” Gao Ran teased.

Zhu Lingling suddenly asked, “Have you seen the four-hundred-million-yuan mansion? When are you guys going to have us over?”

“Anytime.” Huo Mian slightly smiled. U.p.dated. by NovelFull.Com

The four of them ate at the farm courtyard, and after hanging around for a bit, they drove to Seductive Fox…

Just as the four of them sat down, a tall and handsome man pushed opened the door to their private room as four bodyguards followed behind him.

“Qin Chu…” he greeted.





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