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Season 5

Episode 26

(Don’t Mess with Me (6)

“Mom… I know you’re mad at me. You can yell at me or hit me, please let it out.”

“Are you joking? What will yelling and hitting you do? Will it stop you from being with the kid from the Qin Family? I can’t believe you ignored all of my warnings… Huo Mian… I’ve raised you for more than 20 years, did I raise an idiot?”

Uncharacteristically, Yang Meirong didn’t scold Huo Mian this time. However, her seemingly calm words hurt Huo Mian even more.

“No, mom, Qin Chu and I, we’re just…”

“I don’t want to listen to you. You’ve grown up and I can’t control you any longer. I just can’t believe that you’re with the person who caused your Uncle Jing’s death. How ridiculous.”

Yang Meirong turned away as she said coldly, her eyes avoiding Huo Mian.

“Mom, Uncle Jing’s death wasn’t directly caused by Qin Chu. We can’t blame him. It’s unfair.”

“And someone from my family died. Where’s the fairness in that?” Yang Meirong raised her voice.

“Mom, calm down, the dead can’t come back to life…”

“What? Are you trying to persuade me into forgiving the Qin family? Let me tell you something Huo Mian, in your dreams! You are no longer my daughter. Whether you live or you die, whether you marry into a rich family or you become homeless, it all has nothing to do with me. I’m just regretting the fact that I didn’t get an abortion. I can’t believe I gave birth to an animal.”

Hearing Yang Meirong’s tone, it seemed that she wasn’t one bit skeptical about Huo Mian being her own…


“Mom… which hospital did you give birth to me in?” Huo Mian suddenly asked.

“Is that relevant?”

“No. Our hospital’s conducting research and they need to know the hospital we were born in.”

Yang Meirong didn’t give a response…

Huo Mian didn’t dare to ask more questions. She carefully placed the congee on the table and began to peel an egg.

“During that time, I was trying to avoid the media and reporters and ended up running to Dong Tao Town to give birth to you. You were born at that town’s health center.”

“Dong Tao Town…?” Huo Mian knew of that small town, it was located less than 100 miles from C City.

It was a very underpopulated town with nothing special, so Huo Mian didn’t understand why her mother had to go there.

“Dong Tao Town was your Uncle Jing’s birthplace. He had many old relatives there. Plus, he knew everyone at the town’s health center. That’s why we went there.” Yang Meirong thought back to the time when she gave birth to Huo Mian.

Huo Mian thought for a moment and asked, “Then… when you gave birth to me, were there any other people who gave birth at the same time?”

“I’m not sure. I was suffering from dystocia and it took a long time before I successfully gave birth to you. I was mostly under and was unaware of things going on at the health center. However, we left immediately after I gave birth to you. Uncle Jing didn’t like the surroundings and told me to rest at home."

“Uncle Jing moved us away from the health center immediately? I see… then do you remember the doctor who delivered me?”

“I do. Her last name was Lan and she was in her 40s back then, making her 60 something now. She was pretty famous locally. Your Uncle Jing even gave her 20 yuan as a gift for the delivery.”

“20 yuan 20 years ago? That’s quite a lot…”

Huo Mian lowered her head and went into deep thought…

“Why? Did something happen over there?” Yang Meirong thought Huo Mian was acting strangely.

“Oh nothing, I was just curious. Oh right, did Uncle Jing talk about what happened to you afterward? As in, did anything special happen?”

Huo Mian knew that, if there was a mistake in her identity, only one person would know the truth, and that person would be Uncle Jing.

Now that he was no longer on this earth, she had no one to ask…

“Not that I remember. He never said anything and I never asked.”

Huo Mian was slightly disappointed at this fact.

“Mom… eat something.” Huo Mian handed over an egg.

“I’m just going to ask you once. Are you ever going to break up with that kid from the Qin family?” Yang Meirong ignored the egg and glared at Huo Mian instead.





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