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Season 5

Episode 93

(The Drug You Can’t Get Off of (3)

Yang Meirong looked at the shoes and also said, “You really don’t know what to buy, I don’t even like this pair. It’s too old, it’s a style from ten years ago.”

“Whoa, whoa, you guys really don’t get it at all. You people say that I’ve got a poor taste when you don’t even understand fashion. Let me tell you, I found a private workshop to custom-make this pair. I drew up the style and also picked out the leather myself. With material and craftsmanship fees, it’s a bit over 900 yuan. Did you know that even though they’re not from some brand name, they’re purely handcrafted, and are very comfortable? My sis doesn’t need extravagant high heels. If she has to attend some event, then my brother-in-law could get a pair for her. She spends most of her time running around in the hospital, and these shoes are more comfortable to wear for those occasions.”

Huo Mian suddenly felt that it was somewhat reasonable after hearing Jing Zhixin’s explanations.

“But 900 yuan for a pair of shoes like this? Zhixin, were you scammed?” Huo Mian placed the shoe on the ground, stepped one foot into it, and found that it fit perfectly.

“Of course not, the quality speaks for itself. Just wear it, I promise you it won’t break even if you wear it for five years,” Jing Zhixin guaranteed as he patted on his chest.

Qin Chu also thought they were nice after he looked at them, and he said, “Even though the style looks normal, the leather is quite nice. It’s perfect for you to wear at your job. Zhixin has really put thought into this present.”

“Fine, fine, then I’ll accept it. Thanks, Little Bro.” Huo Mian was quite happy.

Huo Mian was very moved by the fact that Jing Zhixin bought her a pair of shoes that cost nearly a thousand yuan, with the money he saved from his allowances.

“Mom… let’s give your gift to Sis as well?” Jing Zhixin said as he looked at his mom.

“What gift?” Yang Meirong didn’t seem to want to say it.

“Hey, just take it out, I saw you buying yarn and knitting a sweater a few days ago,”

“I… I was knitting that for myself.” Yang Meirong remained stubborn.

“That’s impossible, that color was terrifyingly pink. If you’re brave enough to walk around in that pink, then I won’t ever call you ‘Mom’ again. Instead, I’ll call you ‘my Holy Empress Mother’.”

Both Huo Mian and Qin Chu laughed out loud after they heard what Zhixin said…

Yang Meirong felt embarrassed, as she got up and cursed, “Stop saying silly things.”

Then, Yang Meirong took out a sack from the closet behind her and handed it to Huo Mian.

“I originally knitted this for myself, but I chose the wrong color. Now it’s too bright, and I can’t wear it, so I might as well give it to you.” U.p..dated by Box Novel .com

It was clearly knitted for Huo Mian, but Yang Meirong remained stubborn and wouldn’t admit it.

However, Huo Mian knew what she meant…

She happily took the sack. “Thanks, Mom.”

Then, Huo Mian took the sack and went into the bedroom to change into the sweater.

When she walked out again, everyone’s eyes lit up…

She looked very fresh and pretty in her jeans, along with the round-collared light pink sweater.

There weren’t many patterns on the sweater. It was very simple, but the knitting was very good. Most importantly, her mother personally knitted this, and it was something that couldn’t be bought with money.

“Wow… if my sis walked around in this at my school, then she would really be the prettiest girl on campus,” Jing Zhixin took a picture of Huo Mian with his cellphone and said.

“You little brat, stop talking nonsense.” After Huo Mian spoke, she looked at Qin Chu, and said, “Does it look nice?”

“Yes, it suits you very well,” Qin Chu nodded and complimented her generously.

Huo Mian walked behind Yang Meirong, put her hands around her neck, and slowly said, “Mom, I’m 24 today. Thanks for all your care and support for these 24 years. Even though you didn’t put me in thousand-dollar brand named-clothing, you’ve always kept me warm. You didn’t provide me with a wealthy life, but you’ve always given me enough allowance. You’ve never taken me to expensive restaurants, but you’ve never let me go hungry. Even though you’re an ordinary woman, you’ve loved me dearly for the last twenty years or so. Even though you occasionally got mad at me, deep down, you still care for me. Time has taken away your beauty, but don’t be scared, Mom… I’m willing to accompany you in this lengthy passing of time, and be with you as you gracefully grow old… Thanks for all the pain and effort you’ve put into bringing up an arrogant, overconfident, and independent Huo Mian. I love you Mom, and I always will love you…”

After Huo Mian spoke, she lightly kissed Yang Meirong on her wrinkle-covered cheek.

At that instant, tears began streaming down Yang Meirong’s face…





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