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Season 5

Episode 8

(The First Silent Treatment (8)

Qin Chu was helpless in front of his mother’s act; it might have seemed real, but… he immediately caught onto the flaws in their fight.

His parents’ expressions turned awkward after their act was exposed…

Qin Yumin looked down and coughed, not sure what he was thinking about.

Mrs. Qin reached out to grab her son’s arm and nagged, “Don’t worry, your father will never interfere with anything you do in the future, you can do whatever you want, even if you take the company down, it’s okay, I have enough money in our Swiss Bank’s account for us to live the rest of our lives with. Just… don’t date Huo Mian anymore.”

“Didn’t dad tell you?”

“Tell me what?” Mrs. Qin froze for a second.

“Huo Mian and I… are already married. We got our marriage certificate a while ago.”

“WHAT?” Mrs. Qin shrieked.

Qin Yumin hadn’t yet told this news to his wife; he only beat around the bushes by telling her that their son was still dating Huo Mian.

Even then, Mrs. Qin, furious, ran over to create chaos at Huo Mian’s mother’s home…

If she found out that they were married, things would not have been as ‘peaceful’.

“We got married a little over 4 months ago. After I moved out, I moved in with her,” Qin Chu said peacefully.

Mrs. Qin’s expression changed drastically…

“No wonder you don’t seem to be interested in anyone else, it’s because you married that little vixen b*tch.”

“Mom, use your words wisely. Mian isn’t a vixen b*tch. Legally, she’s your daughter-in-law.”

“Yeah right, I will never recognize her as my daughter-in-law. Oh, and her vixen b*tch mother, it looks like I didn’t yell at her enough today. I should’ve ripped their house apart and forced them onto the street when I had the chance. They’re both calculating b*tches, both of them!” Mrs. Qin cursed aloud, completely forgetting that she was someone of high social status.

“What did you say?” Qin Chu frowned at what his mother said.

“I went to their little crappy house today and saw her mom… that foolish woman didn’t know what she was going against and tried to scratch me. Thank god I brought bodyguards with me, and that stupid b*tch pretended that she was hurt and fell to the ground. Seriously, I almost laughed out loud. I knew that poor b*tches like them only want money. Actually, I can give them money, as much as they want. Why order their daughter to seduce my son and pull dirty tricks like this? I knew that damned girl was a seducing b*tch, even all those years ago. I was right, they’re…”

Mrs. Qin didn’t get to finish her sentence before Qin Chu turned around to leave…

“Hey, son, where are you going?” Mrs. Qin shouted behind him, but Qin Chu didn’t look back.

He finally understood why Huo Mian refused to pick up her phone…

“Say something to your son too! Do you think he went looking for that b*tch again?” Mrs. Qin looked at Qin Yumin furiously.

“I think you went overboard this time, you shouldn’t have gone to her house to pick a bone with her. If something really happens to her mother, money won’t be able to solve it. Don’t forget, they’re married, you and that girl’s mother are technically in-laws…”

“Pfft, there’s no way I would recognize that poor and lowly woman as my in-law, we’re going to be laughed at if others find out! That woman was no good when she was young, she used her face and figure to sing a few songs and star in a few TV shows, and then she seduced that good-for-nothing Huo Zhenghai. Look at what came out of it! She got played and kicked out like a plague! She got pregnant, and he refused to give her child support. He won’t even recognize that girl as his daughter! I bet she was laughed at by all her neighbors. If I were her, I would’ve been too ashamed to live and throw myself in front of a car.”

“You need to be more careful with your choice of words…” Qin Yumin looked helplessly at his wife.

It was useless; Mrs. Qin wasn’t born rich, but still, her parents were high-level officials.

Qin Chu’s maternal grandparents were officials at the Ministry of Finance, and they lived a comfortable life. Five years ago, Qin Chu’s grandfather died, and his grandmother immigrated to New Zealand with his uncle. Mrs. Qin was someone who was born arrogant and always looked down on poor women with bad reputations.

She looked at people like that with extreme bias, and that was why she was so rude to Yang Meirong…

Qin Chu drove his car all the way to Huo Mian’s home. He knocked and knocked, but no one answered the door. He tried calling, but Huo Mian’s phone was powered off.

“Who are you looking for?” Auntie Wu had just finished eating lunch when she saw someone standing outside Yang Meirong’s house.




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