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Season 5

Episode 30

(Don’t Mess with Me (1)

She never mentioned anything about her identity to anyone, not even Zhixin or Lingling. However, her telling the truth to Qin Chu meant that he was incredibly important to her.

Then, Huo Mian told Qin Chu everything.

Upon hearing everything, Qin Chu remained silent for quite a long time…

“Are you sure that Huo Zhenghai and your mother’s blood types are right?”

“I’m sure, there are records of those at the hospital.”

“So, it seems like… they really aren’t your birth parents. You’re not Uncle Jing’s child either. Perhaps… your mother had other lovers but never told you about them?”

Huo Mian shook her head, “Although I didn’t straight up ask her, I don’t think that there was. During that period, my mother was crazily in love with Huo Zhenghai and that’s how she became pregnant with me. From her attitude towards me, it seems like she doesn’t know that I’m not her child. After I was born, Huo Zhenghai didn’t recognize me as his daughter, and that’s how Uncle Jing had the opportunity to date my mother. Then, they gave birth to Zhixin. This time frame is really tight, meaning that the only person she could’ve been with after Huo Zhenghai was his driver, Uncle Jing. She couldn’t have fit anyone else in between. Therefore, my mother would not have been able to have another lover.”

Qin Chu nodded, “If that’s the case, then… there’s only one possibility left. The hospital you were born in must have screwed things up.”

“Yeah, that’s what I was thinking as well. When I get the time, I plan on looking into the hospital I was born in, and look for the doctor who delivered me. Maybe there were too many babies born around the same time as I was, and I was accidentally taken by another family.”

“That’s possible as well. So… you might also have parents whom you are related to by blood.”

Huo Mian nodded…

She found it interesting as well, since she always thought of herself as an illegitimate daughter of the Huo family.

To her surprise, things went another way – now, she didn’t even know who her birth parents were anymore.

What happened at the hospital in Dong Tao Town all those years ago? Have her birth parents ever tried to look for her over these years?

Or, did they not know that she existed…

The thought of her parents may be living near Dong Tao Town gave Huo Mian a weird feeling.

She didn’t know how to explain it, but… it felt magical.

To her, everything seemed to be curiously tied together… It was as if you knew that someone in a corner of this earth shared the same blood as you, but you didn’t know who that person was.

“If I found my birth parents, and they were no more than down-to-earth farmers, would you mind?” Huo Mian rested her head on Qin Chu’s chest and asked.

“What about you? Would you mind?” Qin Chu answered her question with a question of his own.

“No, I wouldn’t care, even if they cleaned up trash for a living.”

“Then that’s that. If you don’t care, why would I? But, have you ever thought that maybe your birth parents were upper-class royalty? Would you accept that?”

“Dong Tao Town’s so small, is that even possible?” Huo Mian smiled in disbelief.

“Who knows? After all, God always plans the most mysterious and magical encounters, like you and I…”

Huo Mian sighed slightly. Qin Chu was right; if the hospital hadn’t screwed up, then she would never have moved to C City with Yang Meirong, gone to 2nd High School, or even met the one and only man she would ever love.

Her love for him was so deep that Huo Mian suddenly had an idea that even she was surprised by.

She buried her head in the nook of Qin Chu’s arm and said quietly, “Honey… let’s have a baby.”

“What… did you say?” Qin Chu swore he was hallucinating, so he asked her again.





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