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Season 5

Episode 4

(The First Silent Treatment (4)

“Sis, don’t say that. I’m not blaming you, and no one is saying that it’s your fault. Stop giving yourself a hard time. Let’s just wait for Mom to wake up, okay?”

Huo Mian covered her face and nodded…

– Two hours later –

“Who’s the patient’s immediate family?” The OR door opened.

“I am.” Huo Mian walked over.

“The patient’s lumbar vertebrae is damaged and requires the usage of four steel nails. Did you guys want to use domestic ones or imported ones?”

“Is there a difference?” Jing Zhixin asked.

“Use imported ones, use imported for everything, even the medications.”

“Okay, you can go and pay for the operation fee first then. Pay a hundred thousand yuan first, and there may be more upcoming charges.” The doctor turned back to the OR as he finished speaking.

“A hundred thousand? Are they robbing money?” Auntie Wu complained.

She then grabbed Huo Mian by the arm and said, “Don’t let the doctor bullsh*t you. The domestic parts and imported parts are identical, they’re just trying to scam you.”

“It’s not the same, Auntie Wu. I’ve worked at the First Hospital before. Even if it’s the same medication, the results still vary depending on the manufacturer. My mom’s health is the most important thing, I can always earn more money.” Huo Mian then hurried downstairs to pay.

“It must be nice to be rich now. No wonder she didn’t like my son, she’s grabbed herself a money tree,” Auntie Wu said bitterly.

“Auntie Wu, my sis didn’t ‘grab a money tree’, she just got back together with her high school boyfriend, that’s all. They’re very much in love, and if it weren’t for my dad’s incident they would have gone abroad together. It’s not my sister’s fault.” Jing Zhixin was very protective when it came to his sister.

He wouldn’t tolerate anyone that spoke ill of his sister. He knows that his sister put a lot of effort into raising him up all these years.

She had done enough for the family and she shouldn’t have to put up with these unjustifiable accusations anymore…

Huo Mian’s phone rang as she was walking back upstairs after paying…

The call was from Qin Chu. At a sensitive moment like this, seeing Qin Chu’s name raised a deep sense of guilt within her.

Without thinking, she hung up the phone…

Qin Chu’s call came in again.

She hung up again and then proceeded to turn off her phone…

“We’re sorry, the number you have dialed is not in service at the moment, please try again later.”

Qin Chu was a little surprised by the message. The call just went through a moment ago, did she turn off her phone after rejecting his call?

Was she in a meeting? Or did she run out of battery? Qin Chu wondered to himself.

The attending doctor was speaking to Jing Zhixin by the time Huo Mian got back to the OR entrance.

“What’s wrong?”

“Sis, the doctor said Mom needs a blood transfusion, but there isn’t enough inventory. It will take too long to have them transfer over the blood bags. Good thing we’re both here, we can donate blood to Mom, it will save a lot of time.”

“We can, where should we go to donate?” Huo Mian asked.

“The clinic over there, the nurse will assist you in drawing blood.”

Huo Mian and Jing Zhixin walked over to the clinic next to them…

“Hi, we would like to draw blood for my mother’s surgery.”

“Do you know the standards for donating blood? You must have not given birth within the last year, or have anemia or any contagious diseases. You can’t donate if you have a cold. Also, you can’t donate blood if you’ve had surgery recently, or if you have cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and coronary disease. Finally, you can’t have donated blood recently.” The nurse fired out all the conditions in a row.

“I just had some medication for the common cold yesterday, is that okay?” Jing Zhixin smacked his head.

“No,” the nurse said strictly.

“Zhixin, why don’t you go wait by the entrance, I will handle it. I’m qualified.” As a health provider, she knew the standards. She sat down and waited for the nurse while Jing Zhixin walked back to the OR entrance appearing deflated.

“Do you know your blood type?” The nurse asked as she wrapped the rubber band around Huo Mian’s arm.

“Yes, I’m AB type,” Huo Mian said confidently.

“AB? The patient profile I have here shows that the patient is blood type B,” said the nurse, surprised.

Huo Mian looked slightly startled, “That’s impossible, can you double check?”





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