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Season 5

Episode 16

(Let’s See Who’s More Ruthless (6)

“It’s okay if you didn’t hear me the first time, but I won’t repeat myself.” Huo Mian seriously thought that too many idiots frequented bars. One just left, and another one immediately came flying in. Couldn’t she enjoy a drink in peace?

The Seductive Fox was the city’s most luxurious nightclub. There would probably be even more perverts hitting on her if she went to one of the lower-end bars.

The pointy-faced monkey-like man looked at Huo Mian and declared proudly, “Woman, do you know who my Big Brother Yong of the Jiang Bei Gang is? Haven’t you heard of him?”

“Nope, never heard of him, but I do know that Jiang Bei is famous for stinky fried tofu, does he own any of those carts?”

The pointy-faced monkey-like man was shocked speechless. “…”

“Also, what’s a gang? Do you guys walk around at night?” Huo Mian purposely batted her giant eyes at him.

The pointy-faced monkey-like man, “…”

“Good, wait here.”

Then, the man returned to his seat and said god-knows-what to the bald guy.

The bald guy seemed to be in a good mood and glanced over at Huo Mian a couple of times.

Finally, he stood up and walked over, his fat belly shaking as he walked. He looked at least 40 years old.

However, he was wearing a flowery shirt and tight jeans. The jeans looked so tight on him that they were about to burst; his pant size was probably XXXL.

Huo Mian couldn’t help but laugh at his choice of clothes.

If this was on the streets of England, Huo Mian would probably have asked him if he was a street performer.

“Pretty girl, I heard from my friend that you asked me to have a drink with you. What arrogance, you’re the first one to say something like that to me.”

“If you always walk by the river, you shouldn’t be surprised when your feet get wet. There’s always a first time for everything, you shouldn’t be so shocked,” Huo Mian said faintly.

She wasn’t scared of the 5 or 6 tattooed bodyguards behind the bald man either.

It wasn’t that Huo Mian was looking for trouble…

It was just because, last time when that incident happened, Qin Chu immediately found out what happened and even saw a video of it.

He was also able to obtain the original footage even before the Zhous tried to delete everything. That meant only one thing – Qin Chu knew the nightclub’s boss very well. Therefore, Huo Mian thought, even if she were here alone, she would still be safe, because if she was in danger, someone will definitely come out to help her.

That’s why she had the guts to act like that…

Huo Mian’s brain was smarter than that of others, and she knew how to protect herself.

She would never do anything stupid and put herself in danger for no reason.

The truth was, she guessed right. As soon as she entered the club, a man had been observing her through a screen in one of the top-floor lounges at Seductive Fox.

“Sir, Miss Huo just came into our club.”

“Keep an eye on her and guarantee her safety.”

As the boss of Seductive Fox, Rick was well aware of Huo Mian and Qin Chu’s relationship; therefore, he couldn’t let anything happen to her.

When the indecent hooligans surrounded Huo Mian, the person behind the screen became nervous, “Sir, should we do something about it?”

“Not yet, let’s watch them a while longer.” Rick supported his chin with his hands and stared at the women in the video.

No wonder she was Qin Chu’s woman – she sure was different…

She came into the club to drink alone. Not only did she not have a thick layer of makeup on, but her clothes were also not at all revealing. Anyone could tell that she was different from the rest.

A woman like that would always shine brightly, even if she was buried in a giant group of people…

“Pretty lady, I can drink with you, but I never do anything for free. I need to be paid. You said you’ll pay me 10,000 yuan for one drink, right? I don’t need money, I have all the money I could ever need. So, if I have a drink with you, why don’t you sleep with me tonight? What do you think?” The bald man laughed perversely.

Huo Mian sneered, “Sleep with you tonight? Aren’t you afraid that you won’t live to see tomorrow?”




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