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Season 5

Episode 25

(Don’t Mess with Me (5)

“If we can’t do it, can’t I at least think about it?” Qin Chu looked at Huo Mian with puppy-dog eyes.

Huo Mian almost caved in…

Ultimately, she was strong enough to stand up for herself. “Hurry up and go to sleep. Otherwise, I’m leaving.”

Sure enough, Qin Chu immediately closed his eyes and went to sleep…

The next morning, Huo Mian got up to buy Qin Chu breakfast. As she went out the door, she was greeted by Assistant Yang, who was carrying a heavy stack of files in his arms.

“Good morning!” At the sight of the president’s woman, Assistant Yang immediately greeted her enthusiastically.

“Good morning.” Huo Mian nodded at him. Just as she was about to walk away, she suddenly turned her head and shouted, “Hey, wait a second.”

“Hm?” Assistant Yang turned around.

“Are those files for Qin Chu?”

“Yes, these are all urgent documents that need to be handled.”

“But he’s very weak right now. Why don’t you get rid of some of the unimportant ones?” Huo Mian was worried about Qin Chu. She didn’t want his morning to be filled with the stress of work.

“But…” At the sight of the growing mountain of files, Assistant Yang’s expression heavied.

Truthfully, these documents were all quite urgent… He didn’t know which ones were the most important.

Miss Huo’s request truly stumped him…

Before he could answer, Huo Mian walked over and took away half of the documents he carried.


“I’ll keep these for now and give them to him tomorrow. You can give him the rest.”

“Um…?” Assistant Yang was truly stunned. He thought to himself, Miss Huo is truly the bossy type.

“Don’t worry, if your president asks, just tell him that I took the other files.”

“Al… alright.” Hearing her promise, Assistant Yang couldn’t do anything else but agree.

Immediately afterward, Huo Mian put away the ‘looted’ files in her hospital locker and headed out to buy Qin Chu breakfast.

“Are these all the documents for today?” Lying in bed, Qin Chu looked over the company files while he was hooked onto an I.V.

“Um…” Assistant Yang answered evasively.

“What’s going on?” Sensing that something was off, Qin Chu stared at Assistant Yang and questioned.

“Miss Huo… she, she took away half of the documents. She’s afraid that it’ll be too much for you.” Assistant Yang clenched his teeth and decided to betray Huo Mian.

“Mian took them away?” Qin Chu was first startled by the news, but immediately, the corners of his mouth curled upwards.

Although he wasn’t there, he could imagine the bossy expression on Huo Mian’s face when she took away the files from Assistant Yang.

“Miss Huo… she definitely cares about you. After all, she is your girlfriend.” Assistant Yang gave the biggest smile he could.

Qin Chu furrowed his brows. “What girlfriend? She’s my wife.”

“Wife?! Wha-” Assistant Yang was truly stunned.

“We’re legally married, got it? Watch what you call her from now on. Don’t call her Miss Huo, she’s Young Madame Qin.”


It was early in the morning and his boss had just dropped a major bombshell on him. Assistant Yang couldn’t keep his jaw up.

“Boss, when did you get married? Why didn’t I know anything about this?” Assistant Yang looked at Qin Chu with an almost constipated expression.

Luckily for him, he was smart and never offended Miss Huo. Otherwise, she would’ve killed him already.

He could be fired at any given time…

“We’ve been married for more than four months…” Qin Chu said slowly.

“More than four months? Let’s see… if my math is correct, you got married immediately after you came back from abroad? Oh…”

“What?” Qin Chu asked with a dark expression.

“Boss, you’re a pro at keeping your marriage a secret, haha.” Assistant Yang immediately kissed his boss’s ass.

When Huo Mian returned, Qin Chu was still busy with work so she put down his breakfast and took the rest upstairs to her mother’s room.

At the door, she handed Zhixin some food.

“Is Mom awake?” Huo Mian asked nervously.

“Yeah, she’s awake. Go in. Don’t worry, nothing will happen.” Zhixin patted his sister’s hands in encouragement.

With breakfast in her hands, Huo Mian took in a deep breath and pushed open the door…

“Mom… you’re awake.”

Yang Meirong gave Huo Mian a quick glare and didn’t respond. Her eyes were bone-chillingly cold…





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