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Season 5

Episode 28

(Don’t Mess with Me (8)

“Stop talking, that’s enough…” unwilling to keep listening, Yang Meirong shouted in fury.

“No, I have to, if I don’t, you’ll always think that my sister owes you 8 million bucks or something. As soon as something bad happens, you use dad’s death to guilt trip her. Anyways, I support my sister’s search for love; as for the hatred between the two families, well, that’s between you and that old hag from the Qin family. I don’t care how you deal with it, but stop putting my sister and Qin Chu in the middle of everything. It’s not their fault for being in love.”

“You’re just a kid, what do you know?”

“I’m not a kid, I’m 19 years old and know a lot of stuff. My point is… Mom, you can’t treat my sister like that. Or else, I will move to the south after graduation and never come back, and let’s just leave the family in shambles.”

Upon finishing his rant, Jing Zhixin sighed with a melancholic expression on his face.

“You…?” Yang Meirong was surprised at how protective he was of his sister and became so furious that she was at a loss for words.

“Zhixin…?” Huo Mian was deeply moved.

“Sis… your ear is bleeding…” Jing Zhixin walked over with a hurt expression on his face, and he looked at the side of Huo Mian’s face that was slapped.

“I’m fine…” Huo Mian brushed her ear with her hand and felt specks of blood.

“No, you’re not. Come on, you need to get treated at the hospital.” Before Huo Mian could respond, Jing Zhixin forcibly dragged his sister away.

Before he left, he turned around to say, “Mom, think about what I just said. Also… don’t hit my sister again, or else I won’t love you anymore.”

Yang Meirong was speechless…

Jing Zhixin was usually an extremely obedient boy who was more mature than most guys his age. He was more grounded and calm, and would never say hurtful things to others. His heart was just pure and innocent.

He knew to be grateful towards his sister, who had been taking great care of him and spoiling him, rather than taking her for granted.

He saved up some of the money Huo Mian gave him so that he would be able to give it back to her as a present for when she got married.

After slapping Huo Mian, Yang Meirong was heartbroken as well…

However, she was still outraged by the fact that Huo Mian and Qin Chu had gotten married.

After walking out of the room, Jing Zhixin stared at Huo Mian angrily, “Sis, are you an idiot?”

“What do you mean?” Huo Mian was confused.

“Don’t you know to dodge when she tried to slap you? Why did you just stand there dumbly like a tree trunk?”

“If I did that, she would be even more furious, wouldn’t she? It’s better if she slaps me, at least she won’t be as angry.”

“You sure are stubborn. You know our mom’s temper better than anyone. She may be ill-tempered and say a lot of bad stuff, but she’s a tenderhearted person. Give her the impression that you’re weak, make her feel bad, and you’ll be golden.”

“Aren’t you the smartest little dude…” Huo Mian smiled as she pinched Zhixin’s nose.

– The OB/GYN Infirmary –

“Big Sister Mian, be careful when you wash your face for the next few days, and make sure you don’t get your ear wet. You sustained a minor blast injury to the tympanic membrane.” Huang Yue used a probe light and forceps to carefully sterilize Huo Mian’s wound.


“Zhixin, don’t you have class these days? You should probably go back to school, I can take a few days off to take care of Mian and your mom.” Huang Yue glanced at Jing Zhixin, who was standing over by the side.

“No, it’s fine, I don’t have a lot of courses. It’s easier for my sister if I’m around.”

“Oh right, add my WeChat. I always see Mian repost things that you sent to her WeChat friend circle, haha, remember to send me some in the future as well,” Huang Yue said as she took out her cell phone.

“Sounds good, give me your QR code and I’ll scan you.” Jing Zhixin obviously didn’t think too much into it.

Huo Mian had her hand on her slightly painful ear and looked at Huang Yue. Her expression became a bit complicated…

But, she didn’t say anything.

After Huang Yue wrapped Huo Main’s ear up, Zhu Lingling called her to tell her that she and Gao Ran were here to see Qin Chu and were in his room.

Huo Mian had no choice but to go downstairs and into Qin Chu’s room. Before she could say anything, Qin Chu asked in distress, “Mian, what happened… to your face?”

Huo Mian put her hand on her slightly swollen face and licked her lips…




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