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Season 5

Episode 20

(Let’s See Who’s More Ruthless (10)

“There are no inseparable couples, only a homewrecker who’s not hardworking enough. So… in order to be a professional homewrecker, you must dismantle the relationship,” Wei Liao encouraged.

“You’re the f*cking professional homewrecker. Stop bullsh*tting me and focus on driving. Don’t drive into a tree.” Su Yu smacked Wei Liao across his head.

Wei Liao chuckled…

It was a miracle that Huo Mian didn’t get drunk from all that alcohol.

There were so many things weighing her heart down, too many burdens she couldn’t and didn’t want to voice.

When the taxi driver asked for her destination, she was momentarily speechless.

Was she supposed to go to Imperial Park? She didn’t want to. Her old house? No one was there.

“Miss, where would you like to go?” the taxi driver continued to ask.

“Just circle around the city,” Huo Mian said with slight sadness.

The taxi circled around the city, round and round, for more than an hour…

The meter had already increased to more than 300 yuan…

Finally, Huo Mian said, “Head to the city’s First Hospital.”

The taxi stopped at the hospital entrance. As Huo Mian got out, a cold breeze came up at her and she tightened her collar…

She had turned off her cell phone and was unaware of the number of phone calls Qin Chu had made.

After his drinking session with Gao Ran, Qin Chu returned home. At the sight of his empty house, he felt the same void in his heart.

He tried to call Huo Mian but her phone was still off.

He also tried to send her WeChat messages but she didn’t reply, leaving him in even more distress.

Finally, he took a bottle of red wine off of the wine rack and began drinking again…

– At the entrance to the VIP room –

Huo Mian stood at the entrance, pacing back and forth, too afraid to go in.

She heard Zhixin say that her mother was awake, but… she was suddenly too afraid to face her.

“Sis…? Why are you standing here?” Jing Zhixin was just about to call Huo Mian when he saw her smoking at the entrance.

He immediately took away her cigarette. “Don’t smoke, it’ll give you lung cancer.”

“Don’t worry,” Huo Mian replied faintly.

“Sis… did you drink?” Jing Zhixin furrowed his brows at the pungent alcoholic smell reeking from his sister.

Huo Mian didn’t reply. She leaned her back against the hallway wall and sighed.

“Mom is awake. Her mood is pretty stable, she’s not as bad as you think. Although she hasn’t mentioned you, I can feel that she wants to see you.”

“I’m scared,” Huo Mian spoke frankly.

“Even if Mom is mad at you, she still loves you very much. You can’t avoid seeing her forever, right?”

Although he was young, Jing Zhixin’s words always made a lot of sense.

Huo Mian remained silent…

“Sis… are you really going to leave Qin Chu because of this?”

“I don’t know yet.”

“I really don’t want you guys to break up. You’ve already missed out on seven years, don’t waste another seven years just because your families don’t get along. Life is short, how many seven-years do you have to throw away?”

“Zhixin… somethings are too hard to explain. Love’s not the only thing that makes a relationship work. We can’t just live for ourselves, that’s too selfish.”

“I know, but I still hope that you won’t give up so easily. Don’t give up the love of your life just because there are obstacles. After all… some people may never come back once you let them go. You never stopped thinking about Qin Chu in the past years right? Last time, when I saw you guys at the cinema, I could tell how truly happy you were even from afar. I knew that you’re happy. You’ve never been that happy when you dated Ning Zhiyuan.”

Huo Mian lowered her head; it was impossible to tell if she was thinking about Zhixin’s words or something else…

“Sis, don’t be a coward. Persist through this… don’t quit so easily.”

“Should I just ignore what Mom thinks?”

“What if Mom wanted you to marry Xu Liang? Would you do it? Would you live with a man you don’t love just to please Mom? Your life is yours and only you know what’s best for yourself. Sis… you’re so intelligent and perceptive of others, but you can never see yourself clearly.”


“Basically, no matter how bad things have gotten, I still hope that you can hold onto your own happiness.”

Afterward, Jing Zhixin patted Huo Mian’s shoulders and said, “Don’t smoke anymore. If I see you smoke again, we will no longer be siblings.”

Huo Mian, “…”

“I’m going to go get us some breakfast, wait for me.” With that, Jing Zhixin immediately walked towards the door.

Completely dejected, Huo Mian put her hands on the room door, wanting to enter. Just then, a person called out her name.

“Why are you here?” Huo Mian asked, since Gao Ran was a strange sight to see at the hospital in the middle of the night.

“Qin Chu’s in the emergency room being treated for a stomach hemorrhage.” Gao Ran looked at Huo Mian coldly.

At the sound of his words, panic colored Huo Mian’s eyes…



  1. Jing may u live long 4 me ur sister's heart is so fragile wen it comes to her family matters

  2. Who will she attend to now? Hahahahaha! Thanks author



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