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Season 5

Episode 75

(24th Birthday (5)

Just as Mrs. Qin was about to cry and complain, Huo Mian immediately went to help her up. “Auntie Qin, are you alright? That was so dangerous, why did you have to wear high heels at home? You could’ve injured yourself!”


“I’m sorry, I can only call you ‘auntie’. After all, you and Uncle Qin didn’t give me permission and red pocket money.” Huo Mian continued to smile, pushing Mrs. Qin’s words back into her mouth.

Qin Chu came downstairs with a smile on his face, “See, my wife is unhappy because you haven’t given her red pocket money.”

“Yes, we do need to do that. Let’s pick out a date and hold a make-up reception for the two of you,” Qin Yumin said slowly.

“Thank you, Uncle Qin.” Huo Mian smiled as she walked up to Qin Chu.

Mrs. Qin was so furious that tears welled up in her eyes; however, she couldn’t say anything, because Huo Mian had stuffed her mouth with a metaphorical sock.

“What’s wrong? Why are you crying? You just slipped, didn’t you?” Qin Yumin walked over to his wife and helped her up.

“Thank you for dinner, we will get going now. We’ll make sure to come to see you guys more often.” Huo Mian emphasized ‘more often’.

Then, she locked arms with Qin Chu and left…

As soon as they left, Mrs. Qin sat on the couch and began wailing.

“What on earth did I do to deserve this, why would Chu marry a woman like that? He’s pushing me off a cliff.”

“What’s wrong…?” Qin Yumin was confused as to why his wife was agitated.

“Did you see the show that little vixen just put on? She has our son on a leash and is pretending to be a good daughter-in-law in front of us. You have no idea what she said to me when you guys were upstairs just now.”

– Inside the Audi R8 –

“Did I go too far just now?” Huo Mian asked quietly.

“Why would you say that?”

“I made your mom so mad that she cried.”

“Ha… it’s her fault too, why would she pick on you? The older people get, the more childish they become.”

Huo Mian knew that she wouldn’t be able to lie to Qin Chu, because they knew each other too well.

She wondered if Qin Chu would feel upset with her for doing this.

Huo Mian fell silent…

“Are you not happy? Don’t you like the car?”

“No, I do, is this my birthday present?” Huo Mian asked.

“Birthday present? Of course not, how lame would I be to use this as a present?”

“I heard Gao Ran say that you had a surprise for me.”

“That dude… he can’t keep secrets. I told him not to tell you.”

“He didn’t say anything, he just told me that there was a surprise waiting for me. I look forward to it.”

“You’ll find out on the day of.” Qin Chu smiled mysteriously.

The next day, Huo Mian drove her new car to South Side.

It really did cause a scene…

Although a lot of the people here drove BMWs and Mercedes Benz, there weren’t a lot of sports cars, and although an Audi R8 wasn’t as expensive as a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, it was still considered a luxury car, and cost no less than a Porsche or Maserati.

She purposely chose a turtleneck to wear, because that monster Qin Chu went crazy on her last night…

He left hickeys all over her neck, so she wore a turtleneck so others wouldn’t see.

With her beige turtleneck, white casual pants and ponytail, she looked really young.

The truth was, Huo Mian was only 24 years old. She was young, the youngest head nurse at South Side.

She was also the strictest and most respected head nurse, with a stellar reputation. She was great, aside from her slight indifference towards others.

“Woah… Head Nurse, did you win the jackpot?” After seeing the car, the little nurses chattered and interrogated her in her office.

“My boyfriend gave it to me.” Huo Mian smiled.

“Your boyfriend is a second-generation heir, isn’t he? He’s really rich, buying you a 2 million-yuan car.”

“Yeah, he’s somewhat rich. We’re getting married soon, that’s why he gave me a car.”

Huo Mian didn’t want the others to think that she was toying with rich men, so she made it clear that she was getting married.

“That’s great, you’re marrying into a rich family!”

“Not a rich family, just a well-off one.” Huo Mian was modest.

“Head Nurse, you have a delivery! Please sign for it!” a nurse outside shouted.

The other nurses immediately left the office, leaving no one but Huo Mian inside it.

The delivery boy slowly walked in…

“What delivery?” Huo Mian randomly asked.


Huo Mian looked up in surprise upon hearing the voice; it was Su Yu’s smug face under the yellow baseball cap.





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