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Season 5

Episode 27

(Don’t Mess with Me (7)

“Mom… Qin Chu and I… are married.”

“What… did you say?” Yang Meirong asked with her eyes wide open.

Huo Mian knew that she couldn’t hide it any longer. Since everyone knew, it was better for her to lay out the truth for her mother.

Otherwise, if Qin Chu’s mother went out of her mind again and went to cause another scene, her mother would suffer all over again.

“We’re married. We got our marriage certificate four months ago.”

Pa! Her mother’s slap came flying at her ruthlessly. Huo Mian had very quick reflexes and could’ve easily avoided the slap… but she didn’t.

She just stood there as her mother slapped her face with all of her might.

“You b*tch! I should really beat you to death.” Yang Meirong was infuriated by Huo Mian’s disappointing actions.

She was still mad… so she raised her hand once more…

Huo Mian still stood there, waiting for the slap to fall onto her face…

Just then, Zhixin pushed through the door and immediately stopped his mother.

“Mom, what are you doing? Why are you hitting her?”

“Ask her what she’s done!” Yang Meirong pointed towards Huo Mian, her hands shaking with anger.

Jing Zhixin looked at his older sister, his eyes filled with pain…

“I told Mom that Qin Chu and I were married.”

Jing Zhixin was obviously not surprised. He took his mother by the hand and sat her down by her bed. “Mom, I’ve known about this for some time now. I didn’t tell you because I was afraid you would yell at my sister.”

“What? You already knew about this?”


“Oh… I see, so you’re both against me? I suffered so much raising the both of you. Is this how you repay me? What a horrible life I’ve lived, I don’t want to live anymore! If only Jing De was alive, he should see what came of his idiot son and daughter, who he was so proud of…” Yang Meirong said as tears fell off her cheeks.

“Mom, I need to say something. These past years, with my dad gone, you really did go through a lot to raise my sister and I. I know that running a small grocery store was difficult and money was tight. However, didn’t Mian also suffer? She gave up her chance to study at the best medical school in Jing City and stayed back to attend a third-rate college and studied to become a nurse because it provided a full scholarship. She’s always wanted to lessen your burden, so she worked throughout the university and gave me money for school. Honestly, the money you gave me was far from enough. I always told you that I had enough and I don’t spend much, but it was only because she gave me money to spend on the side. Even now, she’s still giving us money, some to you, and some to me. Mom, she’s already 24 years old and she never spent money on herself. Don’t you think she’s done enough to make up for her ‘mistake’? My dad died a long time ago, so please stop using him to guilt trip us. For the past years, both you and big sis suffered, but I suffered too as I watched the two of you wear each other down. We’re a family! Shouldn’t we spend what little time we have with each other in happiness? It’s fate that made us a family, why are you spending this precious time being hateful? You should really stop guilt tripping Sis! Mom, even I know that Mian’s only been in love with Qin Chu her entire life. Why be so hard on her? Don’t you want to see her happy?”

After Jing Zhixin finished, Yang Meirong was left stunned and speechless…

It was as if his words had touched something deep in her heart…

“Seven years ago, Big Sis was only 17 years old and already had to carry so many things on her shoulders. She gave up her bright future and stayed home to help you take care of our family. Hasn’t she done enough? Everyone makes mistakes; moreover, those mistakes were caused by Qin Chu’s family, so why are you making Qin Chu and Mian pay for them instead?”





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