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Season 5

Episode 11

(Let’s See Who’s More Ruthless (1)

“Why are you here?” Mrs. Qin felt uncomfortable at the sight of Huo Mian.

Although she hadn’t seen her in seven years, Huo Mian looked almost the same as she did back then.

Aside from the fact that she no longer looked like an innocent little girl, her face was still clean and delicate, and even a little cold.

Those who didn’t know Huo Mian thought she was the cold and distant type of girl; however, the truth was, she was more than just that.

She was the biggest badass that ever existed – she lived freely and arrogantly…

Seven years ago, Mrs. Qin’s disapproval of Huo Mian dating her son was well known by the entire school.

She and Huo Mian even had a few face-offs. Therefore, although they hadn’t seen each other in years, she would never forget Huo Mian’s face.

Ignoring Mrs. Qin’s question completely, Huo Mian walked straight in and sat down on their leather couch.

Then, she slowly leaned back…

“I’m curious, I made the decision to be with Qin Chu, why do you keep looking for my mom? Just because she’s poor and her= status isn’t as high as yours, she’s supposed to be bullied?” Huo Mian’s voice was icy.

“It’s a father’s fault for not teaching his child right. But since you didn’t have a father growing up, of course I was supposed to pick my bone with your mom. Who else should I look for? You? Do you really think that you’re a good girl, doing disgraceful and shameful things like this?”

Mrs. Qin became agitated as soon as Huo Mian brought up this subject, so she threw rude remarks at Huo Mian…

Huo Mian smiled coldly, “What disgraceful thing did I do?”

“You’re disgraceful for seducing my son, how can a girl as young as you know how to seduce someone like that? You and your mom are two peas in a pod.”

“But isn’t seducing a man a kind of talent? If you hadn’t seduced Qin Chu’s father, would he really have married you?”

Mrs. Qin’s expression changed as she pointed at Huo Mian and cursed, “You little b*tch, what do you think you’re talking about? Do you think that established families like mine with a great reputation would be the same as a lowlife like you?”

“Who knows, you may seem all high and mighty, but the things that you do are mean and shameless. At least lowlifes like me don’t do things behind others’ backs. I categorize people like you as ‘those who look fine from the outside but are actually rotten on the inside’.” Huo Mian stared at Mrs. Qin as she enunciated each word.

“Stop this nonsense, I’m telling you, I don’t care if you and my son are married, the Qin Family will never recognize you, stop fantasizing!”

Huo Mian shook her head, “No, you’re wrong. The truth is, I don’t care if the Qin family recognizes me, that’s not important to me. I only care whether Qin Chu and the law recognizes me. Just to let you know, we didn’t even get a prenup. If I sue for divorce right now, I’d probably get half of the GK empire… Tsk tsk… That’s a good idea.”

Mrs. Qin’s face turned pale white upon hearing Huo Mian’s remarks…

She knew that her stupid son would never get a prenup before he married her.

That means that if they got divorced, Qin Chu would have to give her a sky-high alimony, or even half of everything he had.

“See? I knew it, you don’t even love Chu, you are with him for our money. You’ve finally revealed yourself, haven’t you?” Mrs. Qin scolded Huo Mian’s love for money and was so furious her face almost turned purple.

Huo Mian answered slowly, “It’s none of your business whether I love Qin Chu or not, I don’t have to prove it to anyone. It’s also none of your business if I love money or not, I don’t have to explain anything to you. You seem to despise me, don’t you?”

“I hate you… You’re the most hateful woman on this earth.” Mrs. Qin stared at Huo Mian with disgust, not concealing her true thoughts at all.

“Therefore… your hatred towards me gave me a better idea.” Huo Mian smiled.

“What idea? Don’t you just want to divorce my son and take his money? We have our own legal team, you won’t get what you wish.” A bad feeling crept up Mrs. Qin’s spine when she saw Huo Mian smiling; she knew that she wasn’t as simple as that.





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