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Season 5

Episode 81

(Such A Flashy Lifestyle (1)

The WeChat red packet said, “Girl, happy birthday in advance.”

Who else could this preemptive person be, other than Zhu Lingling…

You could only send 200 yuan with one WeChat red packet, so when she saw it, Huo Mian was just about to complain how stingy Zhu Lingling was for only sending her 200 yuan when she saw her best friend send her another red packet, and another one after that…

She sent Huo Mian a total of 10 red packets, 2,000 yuan in total…

“What do you think? Am I a good friend or what?” Zhu Lingling sent Huo Mian a WeChat message.

“Dude, can’t you just transfer the money? Sending me ten red packets is such a hassle.” Huo Mian sent her a ‘disdain’ emoji.

“See? That’s where you don’t understand, money transfers are so vulgar, red packets show you that I care. Plus, you’ll have to accept these red packets until your fingers tire out, that’s what they call ‘slapping you dead with money.’ It’s what I’m going for, hahaha.”

“You’re one abnormal individual, but I would love it if you keep slapping me with money… Come on, let the storm hit harder.”

“Screw you, do you know how little I earn every month? I wouldn’t be able to satisfy your appetite, Mrs. Moneybags. If you want more, wait for Mr. Qin. Oh, right, you can also blackmail a large amount out of Gao Ran.”

“Maybe not Gao Ran, he needs the money to court ladies…”

“What? Has he been courting ladies these days?” Zhu Lingling immediately asked.

“You seem to be interested in his relationship status, seriously, are you still sticking to your ‘there’s nothing going on between us’ nonsense?” Huo Mian smiled wickedly.

“Seriously, don’t change the subject, I’m asking you a serious question.”

“Ask him yourself, I can’t answer for him.”

After chit chatting with Zhu Lingling for a little longer, she went back to work, all the way till noon.

Huo Mian then ordered delivery for the nurses in her department, and everyone enjoyed lunch together.

As they were eating, someone suddenly bought up Wang Tingting, who resigned a while ago.

“Head Nurse, have you heard? Tingting was completely duped by that old Thai man she was dating.”

“I haven’t, we haven’t contacted each other,” Huo Mian answered truthfully.

“She thought that she landed a richie rich, but she completely failed, and she was tricked out of quite a lot of money. She lost all the money she saved up over the last few years, it’s tragic. I heard that she works as an escort at a club now…”

“Seriously? Tingting’s temper sucks, how can she be an escort?” one of the nurses asked.

“It’s not like she wants to, but no one wants to stay poor. Plus, escorts earn a lot of money.”

Huo Mian thought about it and felt bad for Tingting. She asked, “Isn’t that Thai patient pretty rich? Why would he trick Tingting out of money?”

Thinking back at when the Thai patient was hospitalized at South Side, Tingting stayed with him, day and night. They looked like a happy couple.

“I heard that the Thai patient is actually a kept man. He has a wife in Thailand who’s from a really powerful family, so he never had a lot of money for himself to begin with. Later, he told Tingting that he was in a financial strait but bought her a diamond ring, so Tingting gave him 300,000 yuan of her own savings and sold her car as well. In the end, he ran away with her money and basically disappeared into thin air. Apparently, that diamond was a fake too, he’s awful…”

The others all exclaimed at what happened to her, but no one felt sympathetic. After all, she chose which path to take.

Tingting wanted quick success and instant benefits, so it wasn’t odd for something like this to happen to her.

“Head Nurse, you are really determined. Back then when Young Master Su was staying at the hospital, everyone was saying how he was really into you, but you completely ignored him. Not many can withstand that level of enticement,” one of the nurses praised.

“That’s not it. I just think that people shouldn’t dream too big. Normal people like us can’t handle someone like Su Yu. Plus, I have a boyfriend, so why would I mess that up by getting involved with someone else?”

“Right, right, Head Nurse, I respect your values. Don’t mess things up if you already have a boyfriend. People need to know what’s the right path to take. Shortcuts aren’t realistic.”

After an afternoon of hard work, Huo Mian gathered her things and left South Side in her Audi R8.

“She’s coming, she’s coming, are you ready?” Wei Liao sat in a black RV and asked anxiously.

“Ready, anytime now.”

“Okay I’m counting down – ten, nine, eight, seven, six…” Wei Liao seemed nervous as he looked through his binoculars; Huo Mian was 300 meters away, driving towards them in her silver Audi R8.





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