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Season 5

Episode 17

( Let’s See Who’s More Ruthless (7)

“B*tch, what did you say?!” At the sight of their boss being humiliated, the couple of followers standing behind him became riled up.

“Hey… no need to get excited. This girl’s really funny. I like it.”

The bald-headed man was used to ass-kissing, fake, high-pitched women. A woman as young and as mature as Huo Mian caught him off-guard; it was refreshing. He wasn’t angry at her at all…

“Beauty, here’s the thing, you’re not leaving today regardless if I drink this glass or not… why fight me on this?”

The bald-headed man’s threatening words earned nothing more than a smile from Huo Mian.

“I don’t want trouble. I just want to be alone with my drinks. You guys should leave… If you keep messing with me, you’ll find yourselves in a lot of trouble.”

“Hahaha… you’re very cute. What kind of trouble do you think we’ll be in?” The bald-headed man laughed at Huo Mian’s words.

Without a response, Huo Mian lifted up her beer and continued drinking, calm and unfazed.

“Jiang Chengyong.” Behind them, a man called out the bald-headed man’s name.

The man named Jiang Chengyong turned around and immediately froze…

“Young Master Wei… why are you here?” Jiang Chengyong looked at Wei Liao like a dog looking at its owner.

The truth was, Jiang Chengyong wasn’t really a dangerous man. He was nothing more than someone from the streets who made a name for himself as a gangster.

He survived off of charging protection fees and intimidating moms and stalls around the neighborhood, threatening to demolish their shops. He was hated all across the board…

He was also intelligent, however, as he only targeted ordinary citizens. He was too afraid to offend anyone powerful in the city.

Powerful people like Su Yu or Wei Liao…

“I f*cking saw you bully a young woman from very far away,” Wei Liao cursed.

Soon after, a couple of people came over…

Behind Wei Liao stood none other than Su Yu himself, dressed in a khaki jacket. Next to them was another young man.

They partied at Seductive Fox for a couple of hours and were just about to head home…

As they came downstairs, Wei Liao immediately recognized Huo Mian, sitting in a corner.

They then saw the group of lowlifes harassing her. Su Yu’s eyes turned green at the sight… He wanted to kill those bastards…

“I didn’t, I didn’t… haha… I was just drinking.” Jiang Chengyong treated Wei Liao like the latter was his father.

At the sight of Su Yu, Jiang Chengyong almost began kowtowing…

“Young… Young Master Su… you’re here too?” Jiang Chengyong asked, his body trembling.

Without any hesitation, Su Yu walked up to Jiang Chengyong and kicked him in the stomach.

The latter staggered back and fell to the ground as if he were a flipped turtle, comical as could be.

“Big Brother Yong!”


At this sight, the couple of followers behind him stepped forward to help him up…

“No, don’t touch me, let Young Master Su continue.” Jiang Chengyong didn’t dare anger Su Yu any further.

Su Yu walked up to Jiang Chengyong slowly, stomping his feet onto his stomach, crushing him with all his might…

“Ah…” Jiang Chengyong was clearly in pain as he made a muffled cry.

“If I see you or your dogs harass her one more time, your tombstone will appear at the north mountain wasteland tomorrow morning,” Su Yu enunciated every word, his entire body reeking of bone-chilling coldness…

When Su Yu was mad, his phoenix-like eyes shot out gazes as sharp as blades, cutting through anyone’s courage.

“Yes, Young Master Su… my apologies, I didn’t know she was yours…”

Jiang Chengyong was clever enough to realize what was going on. He regretted not listening to the girl’s words earlier on…

Enduring through the pain in his stomach, he held up his head and began to smack himself in the face.

He needed to demonstrate his loyalty and sincerity toward Su Yu…

“Forget it, Young Master Su, why bother with a dog?” Wei Liao laughed.

Tang Chuan also chimed in, “Yeah, not to mention a Shar-Pei.”

After a while, Su Yu slowly lifted his foot…

“F*ck off…”

“Yes, Young Master Su.” At the sight of Su Yu sparing him, the bald-headed man immediately left with his gang, too afraid to overstay by even a second.

After everything settled down, Su Yu walked up to Huo Mian. Seeing the six empty bottles in front of her, he felt a pang in his heart.

“What’s making you so sad? You drank so much.”





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