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Season 5

Episode 9

(The First Silent Treatment (9)

“I’m looking for Huo Mian.”

“She’s not at home.”

“What about other members of her family?” Qin Chu asked.

“None of them are at home. You must be Mian’s boyfriend.” Auntie Wu sounded unfriendly.

“Yeah.” Qin Chu nodded.

“It’s good that you’re here. I suggest that you have a talk with your mom and tell her not to come here creating a scene again. Let’s put reputation aside, Meirong has worked really hard to bring up two children. Her health isn’t that good, and she has high blood pressure. She usually tries to maintain her health, but then today, your mom showed up like that with her bodyguards, and pushed her to the ground, hospitalizing her. Then, your mom strode away with her bodyguards without even giving her money to go to the hospital. She sure is heartless, you all are. I really don’t know what Mian sees in you, she’s a good girl, it’s such a shame.”

Auntie Wu didn’t know what Qin Chu did for a living, but from the way he acted, the clothes he wore and the expensive car he drove, she knew that he was rich.

Therefore, Auntie Wu pointed at Qin Chu and gave him a good talking to…

“Could you please tell me where they are right now?”

“She’s at the hospital, Mian and Zhixin are with her. It’s serious, the operation lasted a couple of hours, and the doctor said something about putting bolts in her to stabilize her condition. I saw the bodyguard that your mom brought with her, he pushed Meirong really hard. Sue them if you want to, but I will testify for Meirong. Your mom looks like a nice, elegant, and sophisticated lady from the outside, but the truth is, she is a really bad and vicious person. Oh, and… if your parents don’t approve of her, then why chase after Mian? You’ve… angered everyone.”

Auntie Wu droned on, but Qin Chu politely nodded his head and said, “Thank you.”

Then, he drove as fast as he could to the hospital. Aside from the First Hospital, he didn’t know where else to go…

As soon as he arrived, he found their information in the VIP area.

When Qin Chu went in, Huo Mian was sitting on a bench, her hands supporting her head. He didn’t know what she was thinking about.

“Mian…” He quietly called her name.

Huo Mian slowly looked up; when she looked at him, her expression was icy cold, without a speck of gentleness.

“Why didn’t you pick up?” Qin Chu walked over to ask her.

“I didn’t want to.”

“Why didn’t you tell me that something this big happened?”

“So what if I did? Would you have pushed your mom for me to make it even?” Huo Mian demanded coldly.

Qin Chu fell silent…

He had seen Huo Mian as cold and determined like this before. It was seven years ago when she broke up with him.

She was willing to say anything that would hurt him.

Qin Chu raised his hands and placed them on Huo Mian’s shoulders, “Mian, don’t be like that… I didn’t want things to be this way.”

“Didn’t everything happen because of you? If you hadn’t told your parents, they wouldn’t have created a scene at my house. I told you to keep our marriage a secret, but it was all bullshit to you, wasn’t it?” Huo Mian was agitated.

“No, it wasn’t, I didn’t think they would act so rashly… I just wanted to let the whole world know that we’re together, I don’t want to be in a secret marriage for the rest of my life.”

“What was wrong with living a secret life? I’m not scared, so what are you, a grown man, scared of? Isn’t us staying a secret better than what’s happening right now? Do you know what idiotic thing your mom did? She brought bodyguards over to my house to bully my mom. She was forced to get surgery and had to get bolts put into her body! She’s still not awake! What about your mom? I bet she’s enjoying her afternoon tea at home, isn’t she?”

“Mian… let me deal with this.”

“Deal with this? How? I’m intrigued.”

“Once your mother wakes up, I will personally apologize to her. I will take responsibility for everything, whether she wants to kill me or cut me up into pieces.” Qin Chu thought that everything happened because of him, so… he was willing to take full responsibility.

“You’re hilarious, you didn’t do anything wrong, why should you have to take responsibility?”

Huo Mian’s mouth lifted into an icy smile…

Qin Chu was scared of how distant Huo Mian seemed to be…

“Mian, listen to me, I think…” Qin Chu grabbed Huo Mian’s arm and tried to patiently explain the situation to her.

However, Huo Mian struggled away from Qin Chu’s embrace, looked into his eyes, and said, “Qin Chu, let’s get a divorce.”

“What… did you say?” Qin Chu’s body went into shock.





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