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Season 5

Episode 32

(Please Call Me “Mrs. Qin” (2)

“I heard that Dr. Qin was hospitalized, so I came to check up on him.” Director Wu was wearing a white lab coat; behind him was his male assistant.

“Please, come in.”

Huo Mian had a feeling that Director Wu knew about her relationship with Qin Chu, even though they never actually talked about it.

When Director Wu went in to visit Qin Chu, Huo Mian, out of inconvenience, decided to go upstairs to see how her mother was doing.

She had been super busy recently, but the good news was, there were enough people working at South Side. Or else, she would not have been able to take such a long vacation.

After having lunch with Zhixin, Huo Mian went downstairs to look for Huang Yue and the others.

However, she saw Wu Xiaoxue, who she hadn’t seen in days…

She was obviously happy to see Huo Mian. “Huo Mian!”

“Why are you here? Aren’t you on vacation?” Huo Mian remembered that Wu Xiaoxue wasn’t feeling well, and was supposed to be resting at home.

“I came back from Jing City already. My baby is fine, the doctor said that the mass on my baby’s head will be absorbed, and it won’t affect her.”

“That’s great! Now you can relax.”

“Yeah, let’s go, I want to treat you to lunch.” Then, Wu Xiaoxue grabbed Huo Mian.

“Hey… it’s okay, I just had lunch. My mom is hospitalized upstairs, and I had some cold noodles just now with my brother, so I’m not hungry.”

“Oh, I see… I don’t see you that often and wanted to take you out.”

“No worries, we can hang out any other time.”

Huo Mian was happy to see Wu Xiaoxue’s complete transformation…

Her temper sucked, but she was a good person, and she would never stab other people in the back.

Unlike He Man…

“I’m going to go get an ultrasound now, I’ll talk to you soon!” Wu Xiaoxue left after saying goodbye to Huo Mian.

Dumbfounded, Huang Yue looked at Huo Mian, “Mian, what is going on? Is Wu Xiaoxue in a trance?”

“She stopped hating me ever since I saved her last time.”

“Hmph, at least she’s still got a heart. But… this woman sure went through a lot. I can’t believe that this happened right after they got married! Ning Zhiyuan is an a*shole, you were right to break up with him.”

Huo Mian smiled but made no response.

“Mian, did you know that Ning Zhiyuan is fooling around with He Man again? Wu Xiaoxue might not know yet, or else she would’ve gone crazy. One of the nurses from the other departments told me about it; she’s close with He Man and saw Ning Zhiyuan’s car frequently parked below her apartment building. Ew, those sons of b*tches. Technically, Ning Zhiyuan is having an affair, if the Wus found out, do you think he’ll still be able to work here at this hospital?” Huang Yue droned on, but Huo Mian wasn’t interested in what she was saying.

She felt absolutely nothing towards Ning Zhiyuan…

After 5 days at the hospital, Qin Chu was discharged. He was supposed to stay for a couple more days, but things got too busy, forcing him to leave early.

After Qin Chu’s discharge, Huo Mian also went back to work at South Side.

After her mother was discharged, she went home to rest up. Huo Mian occasionally brought food and other things over to her house.

She treated Huo Mian with indifference, but Huo Main was okay with it because she originally thought that her mother was going to cut off all ties with her.

What Zhixin said the other day must’ve worked…

After lunch, Huo Mian went back to her office. She took out her phone and casually scrolled through her WeChat friend circle.

Then, she saw Zhixin’s newest post…

He wrote, “In the past, time passed by slowly. Cars, horses, and mail were all slow. A single greeting took many days to arrive. In the past, love passed by slowly as well, so slow that we would wait our entire lives to be with someone; so slow that we could only love one person in our lifetime.”

Under the paragraph was a photo of Jiangnan; it all looked very artistic…

It wasn’t actually a big deal, but the problem was, Zhixin never posted anything about love and relationships.

He usually posted chicken-soup-for-the-soul stuff, either encouraging words, or super funny tidbits…

Sometimes he would voice his anger towards unjust things happening around him, but would never randomly speak of cheesy stuff like this.

Before Huo Mian wrapped her head around the situation, she saw Huang Yue like Zhixin’s post.

A second later, she disliked it…

Liking the post was fine, but disliking it afterward? That was a little weird.

After a moment of thought, Huo Mian sent Zhixin a WeChat message, “Where are you with Huang Yue?”




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