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Season 5

Episode 80

(24th Birthday (10)

– The Huo Corporation, Chairman’s Office –

Huo Zhenghai was really happy to receive Huo Mian’s call…

He knew that forcing a demolition would make Huo Mian submit. It was much easier than getting Shen Jiani to beg her.

“This is why… if poor people don’t walk, we can beat them into retreating. If negotiations don’t work, then use alternative measures.”

Huo Zhenghai was satisfied with Huo Mian’s compromise and therefore stopped the forced demolition and relocation of that area.

His plans were simple: first, force Huo Mian to come back and establish a good relationship with her.

Second, help Huo Mian gain power within the corporation, and help Huo Siyi come back to China; that was an imminent issue he needed to solve.

Finally, and the most important part: when Huo Mian was melted by his fake paternal love, he will propose partnering up with GK.

He would be able to latch onto Qin Chu, who had a powerful background, through Huo Mian, ultimately hitting three birds with one stone…

– Huo Corporation, President’s Office –

“President Huo, that’s the current situation.” His assistant told Huo Siqian everything, word for word.

Huo Siqian was exhilarated as he played with the mini globe in his hands.

“President Huo, Miss Huo is coming back to help the chairman, how can you still be in the mood to laugh?”

“Of course I’m happy; my little sister Mian is finally coming home…” Huo Siqian said profoundly.

“But she’s here as our enemy, she’s on Huo Yanyan’s side,” his female assistant said anxiously.

“No, she’s not the enemy, she’s the lucky charm. That’s all, go back to work.”

“Yes sir.”

After his female assistant left, Huo Siqian slowly got up and watched the cars and pedestrians outside the window.

Huo Zhenghai made a good move, forcing Huo Mian to finally come back. However, Huo Siqian knew that Huo Mian wasn’t actually compromising.

She was here for revenge. Huo Siqian knew Huo Mian’s temperament the best; she was not someone who would wimp out.

Plus, if she really wanted to solve the demolition problem, Qin Chu could’ve dealt with it in a matter of minutes. But he hadn’t made a move.

This meant that Huo Mian was going to deal with things her own way…

He looked at the skyscrapers afar and reached out his fingers to draw a heart on the tempered glass.

Then, he smiled with a devious charm, “My little sister Mian’s birthday is coming soon, what should I give her?”

Huo Mian’s birthday was on September 18; ironically, it was the same day as the Mukden Incident.

Every year on that day, alarms would still sound in C City, in remembrance of that incident and what China endured all those years ago.

On the morning of September 17th, Huo Mian received a bunch of presents when she arrived at South Side Recuperation Center.

Everyone knew that she was a diligent person, so they didn’t buy her anything expensive. Most of the presents were small fun things.

The nurses bought her a silk scarf that cost a couple dozen yuan, a pair of anti-radiation glasses, and an anti-smog mask.

“Head Nurse, happy birthday in advance.”

“How did you guys know?”

“It’s on your profile! Plus, the hospital grants special privileges to employees on the management level on their birthday. I heard that in addition to having the day off, the hospital also gives health supplements, apparently, it’s edible bird’s nest this year! Tsk tsk, I’m jealous.”

The nurses discussed amongst themselves; Huo Mian smiled, “Thank you for your presents, lunch is on me today! Let’s order delivery from Hungry Uncle.”

“Yay, thanks Head Nurse!” The nurses were all really happy.

Hungry Uncle was a famous delivery restaurant; the food was delicious, but a little pricey.

After putting everything away, she had just gotten up from her desk to go on rounds when she saw the young man staying in room 7 outside her door.

“I heard that it’s your birthday tomorrow, but you’ll have the day off, so I wanted to give you your present today.” Then, the young boy handed her a one-meter-tall stuffed toy. It was in the shape of the scarecrow from League of Legends. It wasn’t cute, and a little weird, but Huo Mian liked it because it was a gift from this little boy.

“Thank you, Jiaming.” Huo Mian took the toy.

“I’ll be discharged in three days. I’m recovering well, so thank you for taking care of me all this time. Once I go back to school, I will listen to you and study hard.”

“You can do it.”

Huo Mian’s mood elevated when she saw the originally rebellious and violent young man grew a beaming smile on his face…

Just then, she received a WeChat notification. Huo Mian looked down at her phone – someone had sent her a red packet…

“Seriously? It’s so early, my birthday isn’t until tomorrow.” Curious, Huo Mian opened her WeChat to see who this preemptive person was.




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