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      Episode 07.


I sigh, taking the long path that leads to the campus. 
I have used my phone to try and find a map. A location or whatever it is that's called and thankfully it worked. 
I haven't seen the campus itself but I do hope that it worked. And I pray that I don't turn out in some far away countryside. 

 I keep following the map and I breathe out, a smile making its way to my lips as I stare at the building in front of me. 
 It's big.. Bigger than I thought and it's really beautiful too. 
I breathe out and take the step towards it. 
First day in college. Here we go. 

 I look around the building and smile. Many students around. Chatting. Laughing. Group. Small groups. 
Maybe college life is better than high school after all. 

 I take a step inside the main building and walking my way to find my class. 


 The day passed faster than I imagined and first day has been fun so far. 
I haven't been able to make friends except from the girl who sat beside me in class. 
I tried looking around for Noel but he's nowhere to be found. 
I know it's none of my buiness, just like he had rudely said but still.. I thought he would be around somewhere. 
I guess when he said he doesn't  fancy early classes, he meant he doesn't fancy school as a whole. 

 I drag my handbag from the booth as I make my way out of the restaurant that I'm coming up from when I almost bump into someone. 

 "Oh sorry. I didn't check where I was going. "
 I laugh and when I raise my head, it's the same girl in class. 

 "Hey it's you again  "
 She smiles, a wide grin that you give someone you have known since forever. 

 "And it's you again. I didn't thought I would meet you here. "
 I smile and she nods. 

 "Yeah, just trying to get something to eat. "
 She smiles and I nod before stepping out for her to go in. 

 "I will see you tomorrow. Yeah? "
 I nod before walking out of the restaurant and crossing the steer. 
I need to talk to mother about getting a car. 
I refuse to be walking around everywhere. 
Even if it's a small distance, I still need one. 

 I let out a breath as I can finally see the house from afar and I hope that jerk isn't at home. If he is, I hope he keeps his cool then cause I'm almost near losing mine. 

 I barge open the gate which is unlocked before closing it back and walking inside the house, this place reeks of alcohol. 
I stare down at the glasses on the floor and I shake my head before grabbing them and dumping them into the trash can. 
He didn't come to class because he wanted to get drunk. 
I can never understand the guy. 

 I take the steps down the hallway then I suddenly starts hearing sounds as I open my room door, it gets louder and I know those sounds. 

 They sound like... Moans. 
 You must be kidding me!



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