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        Episode 06.

   ~RILEY ~

I can't believe him right now. How does he wants me to getting to school when I don't even know anywhere around here. 
I know the campus but I don't even know which road to take to arrive there. 
This is so frustrating. 
Having him as a roommate is so damn frustrating. 
I groan and follow him to the stairs, opening the door to my room then following him into his. 
He isn't in here and his room looks really good. 
I didn't enter here, I just stood by the door yesterday but it looks really beautiful been this close to it and it smells so good also. 
Mostly his scent 
It has his scent. 

I sigh when there's no sign of him here, where the hell did he goes to? 
I walk out of the room, about to walk down the stairs and I stop right on my track when I hear something in the bathroom. 
 I sigh when I hear the shower running and I know he's in the shower,i walk back to his room and stare around. 
I pace up and down the room, I'm getting late already and I don't think it's healthy to get late to your first class at college. 
All thanks to my rude roommate.

 He comes out through my room and I can tell that he's surprised to see me going up and down his room. 
He stops for a moment before shaking his head and walking in fully while I try not to let my eyes linger down his chest that's covers with tattoos and water dripping down his abs and he has a towel around his neck. 
He's putting on only boxer and I gulp down n. 
Oh god. This is awkward. 

 "Are you done with your eye raping session? "
 Even I look at him, his face is hard. Emotionless with his brows raised at me. 
I try to look for any emotion or try finding the tone of his voice but nothing. 
He sure knows how to hide them all. 
I shake my head and shoot my eyes to his, taking just a step closer. 
Just a step since I'm at the far end of the room and he's standing by his door. 
 "I need you to tell me where to go, you can't just expect me to find my way around here. "
 I groan and he shakes his head, removing the towel that's wrapped around his neck and even has back is full of tacos. 
I have never seen anyone have so much ones in my entire life. 
Quinn got a tattoo despite mother whining and complaint. 
It's just a random gun tattoo at the space between his back but it's just one and I'm not judging Noel but I'm just surprised at the number of tattoos he has. 

 "That's exactly what I except you to do. Find your way around yourself, not stalk me round as if I'm your bodyguard or something. "
 He slightly hisses and I'm slightly hurt with what he said but I choose to let it go. 
Once I know where to go, I'm never talking to this boy again. 
Even if we live in the same house, I will definitely find a way to avoid him at all costs. 

 "You know when she told me that my roommate was gonna be a girl. 
I excepted one that would stay off my business and keep her mouth shut when she isn't needed to talk but you're the exact opposite, you talk too fucking much and it constantly gives me headaches. 
It's just been a day and you have done anything but been a nuisance to my life. "
 What? Okay, that does it all. 
That was too much. Even from him and I wouldn't take it! 
He wants to play, right? Well, I can play even if I end up losing terribly but I'm gonna give him the satisfaction of just saying things he likes to be and except me to keep my mouth shut. 

 "You know, when she also told me that my roommate was gonna be a guy. 
I was angry at first but I just overlook it, I thought it would be fine cause you would turn out nice and we could at least try to get along but you're the exact opposite.. Complete different from what I expected. You have been nothing but rude to me even though I have never done anything to you. 
You just want to say something cause you feel like you should at it and I wouldn't let you do that to me! 
You can engage your life by staying here or going off and drinking yourself to stupor, just don't stumble into my room at two in the morning. 
I'm gonna go find how to get to campus without having to get insulted! "
 With that, I storm out of the room.




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