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       Episode 05.


He leans into me closer with his hand over mime and by breathing hitches as I breathe out heavily, staring up at his grey eyes. 
They are so grey and so bright. I look down at him before raising my gaze back to his and I'm inching closer. 
I'm not sure what I think I'm doing but I'm inching closer to him, almost colliding into his chest. 
He grabs my arm before I could inch any closer and his touch on my skin does something. I don't know what but my body reacts to it immediately and he just stares at me, but saying anything as his eyes roams my eyes. 

 "It's Noel. "
 He whispers and I gulp in as I stare at him and he stares right back at him before his tongue meets darts out to lick his lips and my gaze goes down to his lips. 
They are pink. 
Really pink and they look so... Oh god what the hell am I thinking? 
I quickly avert my eyes back to his eyes before I do something stupid and he smirks. 

 "That's my name. The one you're so eager to know. It's Noel . Are you pleased now and would you stop your whining? " 
 He raises his brows and I gulp in, closing my eyes for a breath moment before opening them back to see him watching him, probably thinking what I'm doing but I need that. 

  "I.. I wasn't whining. "
 I frown and he chuckles. 

 "Really, then what would you like to call mumbling and complaining about things you just even the someone you just met. "
 He chuckles and let's go of me. 
I try my possible bet to shut my mouth to prevent the sound that's about to make it's way out of my lips because of the loss of contact. 

 "I hear that alarm once again and I promise you that I would damage it without you doing anything about it. "
 He utters and goes into the room, closing the door behind him while I sigh and clutch the bag to my chest which is beating like crazy fast against my chest. 
Why am I like this? 
Why is my body acting this fast time? 
It was just a contact. Nothing more, why is my body acting like this? 

 I shake my head and walk out of the room, making my way to the hallway to get down into the bathroom. 
I open the door which the woman showed me that's the bathroom and his entire scent fills the entire room and I gulp in. 
It looks like we are sharing the same bathroom. 

 I sigh before grabbing a brush and his is beside it. 
I shake my head and apply paste to mine before staring at myself in the mirror. 
Let's get our act together Riley.
No dumb shit. 
Let's not forget who he is. 
Please, I hope everything goes well with these years of living with him. 


 I'm dressed in my jean trouser with my tank top and my jacket. 
I wear my flat white sandals before grabbing my bag and stuffing it with books then walking out of the room. 

 I walk down the float then down the stairs before seeing Noel in the kitchen. 
His back is turned to me and he has a rose tattoo at his back, right almost near to the left shoulder where his shoulder joins with his arm. 
His muscles flexes as he moves around the room and the scent of coffee fills the room. 

 He isn't even preparing for class? 
He did told me that he doesn't fancy early classes but still. 
I walk into into the kitchen without uttering a single word and he didn't say anything either. 
Just grab his coffee mug and walk out of the kitchen. 
I sigh before grabbing my own mug and making my own coffee before trailing behind him. 
I don't know the way here to campus so I'm gonna need his help. 
I didn't thought it would be hard when the woman had said it but after seeing the kind of roommate that I have, I think it's gonna be harder than I thought. 

 "Why are you following me? "
 He says without turning back and he plops down in the bed, grabbing the remote. 
Okay? He's gonna stay at home? 

 "Yeah, I.. "
 Was I just about to ask why he's trying to stay here? 
God. When will stop asking questions that aren't any of my business? 

 "I was just gonna ask how I get to campus from here? "
 I mumble and take a sip from my coffee. 

 "Why are you asking me that? You are the one going to campus. Shouldn't you be able to find your own way? "

 "Yeah,I know but if you haven't noticed I'm new here and the woman had said... "
 Without allowing me to finish my words, he walks pass me with his coffee in hand and walk up the stairs, not even a single word.



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