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     Episode 04.


I wake up to the sound of my alarm buzzing through the entire room and I groan before getting up from the bed, stretching my arm across the bed to turn it off and I smile as the bright ray of the sun reflects across the room. 
I starch my arms and smile. 
It's my first day for college. I can't wait to start it already. 
I get up from the bed and walk towards my bag, unzipping it and bringing out the things I need to prepare for first day. 
I will unpack everything when I get back. 

 "Can't you tune down your alarm when sleeping or something. It gave me a headache and I had to get out of bed quicker than I was supposed to. "
 A voice says from behind me and I turn to him, standing by the door. 

 "A good morning couldn't have hurt. "
 I utter before turning back to unpack my things. 

 "What was that? "
 His voice resounds round the room and I sigh, bringing our my toiletry bag. 

 "It was nothing avd I'm sorry if the alarm has disturbed you. It's just kind of my thing. "
 I shrug, putting out a Jean trouser and a tank top then a jacket follows. 

 "They aren't my thing and if you're gonna be staying basically next door to me then you might as well follow my rules. "
 He say and I couldn't help the chuckle that escapes though my throat. 

 "Do you have something to say? "
 "Of course I have something to say. You're acting as if you paid for me to stay in here or something. We both paid for the house and we both have our rights equal and quell. 
No one is superior to any other please, I would like it if you could just try to compromise instead of trying to command me or something. "
 I turn to him and he cackles, shaking his head. 

 "I came here before you. I think I have earned that right. "
 "Well, we both paid for this house and I'm not gonna bend to your will if you aren't gonna to mime. 
Besides, isn't the alarm supposed to help you or something? 
You would be getting ready for class? I don't see the harm in the alarm waking you. "
 I shrug and turn back to the bag, zipping it back to and lifting it up towards the end of the room, near the closet. 

 "First, I don't fancy early class. Second, turn that damn thing off. It gave me a fucking headache! "
 He groans and I roll my eyes. 
As if he wasn't gonna have a headache anyways when he got drunk? 

 "I am not even surprised. "
 I mumble under my breath and grab the toiletry bag and my towel. 

 "Is there something else you would like to say to me, new girl? "
 Of course. He doesn't even know my name and he doesn't care to ask. 

 "Nothing, except that you're been a total jerk. "
 I shrug, walking towards the door, only to realize that I'm walking towards him. 
I stop on my track when I'm just few feet away from him and take my steps backwards, creating enough distance between us. 

 "You're saying I'm been a jerk because I told you to stop giving me disturbance? "
 He chuckles and I shake my head. 

 "It isn't becsyse of that. Well, it's part of but it isn't. I'm saying you're been a jerk cause I was here yesterday and you didn't care to ask about my name or anything. 
You just stumbled into the room and walk straight up to the other room. 
You didn't even tell me your name, that's rude. "
 Well, it sounds a lot better when I say it in my head but when's I turn it out to words, it sounds so stupid. 
Why did I even bother opening my mouth and saying anything? 

 "Don't judge me. I hate people that do that and besides, why would I want to know anything about you and why would you want to know anything about me, we live together doesn't mean we have to be friendly. Go your way and I go my way, what so hard about that? "
 I gulp in and shake my head, unable to firm any words. 

 I'm embarrassed and hurt. 
Embarrassed but mostly hurt. 

 "Sorry for asking. I need to go now anyways. "
 I sigh and begin to move but he holds my hand when I get close enough to him and my breathing hitches as he leans in closer to me. 
What is he doing?




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