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          Episode 03.


I stare at him and he stares at me. 
I know my mouth is still open but I just can't seem to be alright with his appearance. 
I've seen guys look this way but I have never seen one this close. 
He has grey eyes which shines even from where he's standing. He's putting on Jean and jacket and his hair is scattered around, falling down his face. 
He has a frown across his lips which I like to think that it's probably from me. 
I gulp in as my eyes roams around his body. 
He has piercings. Lots of piercings. 
One in his nose. His eyebrows. His lips and he has a earring in his ear. 

 "Who the fuck are you?! "
 He growls. He has a deep British accent and his voice is deep, strained which gives me the idea that he's probably drunk. 
I dart my eyes to the clock and it's almost close to the evening. 
He's drunk at a time like this? 

 "I say who the fuck are you?! "
 My eyes shoots to him and he's staring at me while I stand up from the bad. 
It's not like I know who he is either. Why is he shouting at me and how the hell did he got in here in the first place? 

 "I'm the owner of the room. Who are you? "
 My voice comes out small and he just stares at me before rolling his eyes. 

 "Great. You're the great roommate she was talking about. "
 He sighs and strides across to walk into the other room while I just stare at the pieces come together. 
He's the roommate! 
He's the roommate she was talking about? 
How.. I mean why would he be my roommate? 
This definitely wasn't the type of roommate I thought I would get. 
I know she said a boy but I thought it will be a nice boy with good personality and but definitely one that would come into the room, welcoming me with a harsh tone in his drunken state. 

 He's the exact opposite of what I had excepted. 
Rude and harsh. 
Didn't even said a word of welcome, just stumble into his room after asking who I am. 

 I sigh before going back to bed and cuddling myself up. 
I hope that this for well. How will I keep up been in almost the same room with him for the next week. Hell! How would I even cope with been in the same house with him? 

 My phone vibrates against the bed and I sigh before grabbing it and a smile creeps up to my lips as I swipe to the receivers button and glue the one to my ear. 

 "Riley , have you got there? Gave you seen for apartment I got for you? Do you love it? I really did tried my best to find the best and perfect one that would not give you much trouble in getting to school. 
That was the closest one and with the pictures she sent me, I thought you would love it. It's really beautiful or what do you think? Don't you live it? "
 I was gonna tell her about how the rooms aren't yet been constructed and I have to share a room within such a rude tattooed guy who happens to be my roommate but I decided on it. 
I know she has really out a lot of effort into making sure that I am satisfied and I get the perfect house she would choose for me. 
If I tell her that, she would probably feel bad. 

 "It is great mom. 
I love it seriously , it's really beautiful also. 
You should see my room. 
It twice the room at home and really beautiful also. 
It comes furnished so I don't have to buy a lot of things. You made the best decision mother, I love you. "
 I smile and she chuckles on the phone. 
She really did make a good choice. The house is beautiful. Just a tiny disadvantage. 

 "I am glad you live it  I was worried you wouldn't so are you all settled in? "
 I sigh and turn to stare at my bag which is still lying on the floor, tightly closed. 

 "Yea. Not yet, I took a nap just earlier. 
I would be settled in soon. "
 "Okay Riley. Take care of yourself and please stay off trouble. "
 I smile and nod, even though she can't see me before I greet her goodnight and she hangs up. 

 I sigh as I drop the phone on the bed and he comes out of the other room, looking different than he did when he first staggers into the room and he's shirtless. 
Holy goodness! 
His entire body is full of tattoos and I couldn't help but to let my eyes linger down his chest. 

 "It's rude to stare at someone like that. "
 He says and I raise my head up to look at him. 
His grey eyes boring into mine and I gulp in. 

 "Um, sorry. I didn't mean to.. "

 "I don't care. "
 He scoffs before walking out of the room. 
Well , this is gonna be one hell of college life for me.


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