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             Episode 02.


My name is Riley Peterson. I'm nineteen and I just got admitted to college. 
I have a weird lovely family which mainly consists me, my younger sister Ashley, my older brother Quinn, my grandmother and my Moyther.. I think I would include my father though he's rarely around. 
Always working here and there. Barely have time for his family but it's okay cause I know he doesn't want us to suffer, that's why he isn't always around and I'm glad for my mother, she is always trying her best to put the family in the heat stage.. And spirit. 
I had long awaited this day. 
The day that's finally time for me to get to college. 
I am a girl who fancies school a lot and going to college has always been my dream.. Ever since forever. 
I've heard of many girls about it and now, I can't wait to experience this things myself. 
I just can't wait for all the fun and excitement and I hope it turns out great for me... Maybe even better than they say. 

 "We are here. "
 The driver says, jottingmhe out of my thought and I smile before getting out of the car, dragging my bag along with me. 
There's a woman standing few feet away from me so I assume that the one mother was talking about. 
The one she said was gonna wait for me. 

 I smile and wave at the driver before walking over to her. 

 "Good morning. "
 I bow to her and she smile at me. 
She's short and she has a Bob hair which perfectly goes with her stature. 
In short, she's really beautiful. 
When mother had told me about her, I thought she would be one tall woman with a mean look on her face but I guess I was wrong. 

 "Riley Peterson, right? "
 Her accent is thick. 
I nod and she smiles at me once again before leading the way while trail behind her. 

 We got to a house and my mouth hangs open as I stare at it. 
It's beautiful. Really beautiful and it even has a gate of its own. 

 "Cone on in. The campus is just few walks from here so you won't be having any problem. Your roommate would guide you on what to do to get to campus when he gets back. "
 Wait! Did she just said he? 

 "I hope your mother told you that you would be getting a roommate. 
The house is big but sadly there's only one room in here, the others are been.. Well, they are still been constructed and it's only for the mean time. I promise, just some weeks and you don't have to both share a room. "
 Okay, I can't believe this. 
How can a house be this big with only one room in it? 
Well, she did say it's been constructed but still.. 
My roommate is a he.. I had assumed all the way here that it's gonna be a girl but a guy. 
How do I live with a guy... Not only live, sleep together in a room! 

 "If you're worried about sleeping in the same room, we got that covered for you. 
It's one room heat but it has two spaces. 
Like its two in one. "
 She says and I raise my brows, confused. 

 "Come, you won't understand just by standing there. I will show you. "
 I smile and nod before dragging my bag with me and we walk down the hallway before stopping in front of a room. 
A gasp escapes my lips as I stare at it. 
It's big. Much bigger than I thought and it's really beautiful too. 
Comes furnished so I don't have to worry about making it look good. 
It comes with a closet and a bed and all the other necessary things. 
It's better than I thought. 

 "So right here. "
 She walks over to a door between the room. 
I had thought it was gonna be a bathroom but instead it's another room entirely. 
It's almost the same as mine but maybe q little bit smaller and I'm glad that I got the advantage of being the one out, instead of been trapped in. 

 The woman shows me the other parts of the house, including the rooms that are not yet ready before she leaves. 
She said my roommate should be here any moment from now. 
I know it's a guy but still, I'm getting so excited to meet him and maybe a little bit nervous. 

 I ended up taking a nap which goes actually than a nap after been stressed from the journey. 

 "Shit! "
 I hear a thud and I jerk up immediately, turning on the lights and he raises his head up at me, his glare minoring mine while my mouth hangs open. 

 This definitely isn't the type of roommate I had expected.




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