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        Episode 15.



My mouth is wide open as I stare at the door, I still can't believe he just said that. 
That I.. I threw myself at him?! 
This is unbelievable. 
Tears threaten to roll down my cheeks but I shake my head, refusing to let that happen. 
I refuse to cry because of that jerk. I can't believe he just told me that I threw myself at him. 
I can still remember how he had kissed me back, how he wanted more but I stopped it before that could happen. 

  But you kissed him first. 
My subconscious butts in and I shake my head before staring at the door once more and turning back away from the door as I grab my toiletry bag and walk out of the rim. 
The words still resounds well in my head as I walk down the hallway and inside the bathroom. 

  Once again This place smells like him and I want to cuss at him so badly, hit him and every other things for how rude hes always to me. 
I know I said I prefer rude him to his silent self that was activated yesterday but I never expected him to throw such a insult at him. 
It like he's indirectly calling me a whore and I can't help but to feel hurt and embarassed at myself. 
I shake my head before stepping under the water and the steam comes off, colliding with my body and warming it up. 

  When I get back to my room, I can't wait to get the hell out of here. Away from him, that's impossible I know cause I will end up coming back to him cause we both live here but still, I want to be away from him. Even for this brief moment. 

 I glance back at the door when I bring out the clothes I will be wearing. 
What if he comes out of there and see me dress? 
I shake my head and grab my clothes, walking out of the room and back into the bathroom. 
I have no other choice, it seems. 

  I pull away the towel from my body and grab my underwear, putting them in before putting on the red simple down on and walking out of the bathroom. 
Just as I'm about to open the door, it opens and he stares down at me before walking away, his shoulder brushing pass mime. 

 No Riley. Don't let this get to you. Don't let this get to you. 
Don't let this get to you. 

 I gulp in before walking in and packing my hair into a ponytail as I stare at the mirror in front of me. 
I grab my bag and fill it with things I would be needing for class, when I start walking towards the door. I can hear some voices from the other place. 
And it isn't just his voice, it's two voices and one is a female. 
A girl's voice.



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