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        Episode 14.



I groan as the alarm rings repeatedly and I rub my eyes, sitting up on the bed before stretching my hand across the bed to turn it off as I lay back on the bed, my head against the pillow and me staring at the ceiling. 
Last night memories replays in my head and I sigh as I remember everything that happened between him and I. 

 How he had stumbled in and what had happened after. 
The kiss and all. 
Oh god. This is gonna make things awkward between us, I'm sure. 
I shouldn't have done that but I just couldn't control it especially when he was just inches away from me. 

   I stand up from the bed when I notice that his room door is open already. 
Without thinking, I peeped inside but he isn't in. 
Oh, he isn't inside. 
Where could he have done then? 
Oh, he must have went to the bathroom. 
But he isn't the kind that really gets up early for classes, he didn't last time so why could he have gotten up early today? 

 I shake my head and sit on the bed, staring at the ceiling and waiting for him to come back. 
Soon as he's back, I will apologize for what happened between us yesterday then I'll go bath. 

 I shift uncomfortably between my legs as I pace up and down the room.
I hope he doesn't have much of a deal out of this. 
God, I'm so stupid! How could I have even thought about having him? 
I don't know how it happened, it's like I was been down by a force towards him and I couldn't even do anything about it. 
I just did what came to my mind and I enjoyed the kiss, that I wouldn't deny. 

 It was hot and so full of need until I stopped him and he got angry, leaving me in my own mess. 

  The door opens, jotting me out of my thoughts and I jump immediately turning right to him and he stares at me before sighing and walking towards me. 

  "Good morning. "
 I greet him awkwardly and he stares at me before nodding and proceeding to walk away. 
Is he still angry about what I did? 

  "I want to apologize for what happened yesterday I shouldn't have done that. In sorry, I don't know what took over me. "
 I chuckle awkwardly and he stares at me, raising his brows at me. 

  "What happened yesterday? "
 What? Is he serious or he's trying to act rude. 
How can he be asking that after kissing me last night? 

  "What I did to you. I mean the kiss, I shouldn't have dove that. I'm sorry, I just don't know what came over me. "
 I turn my face down and stare down at my feet while he chuckles. 

  "The kiss? It's nothing. I already forgot about it though I was quite surprised that you threw yourself at me like that. "
 He chuckles before going inside his room while my mouth hangs open.




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