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    {🔞Our Naughty Wants🔞}

          Episode 13.



 My body is hot against his and his kisses are warm against mine. 
He leaves my lips and trail kisses down my neck, biting and sucking on my skin which I'm sure is gonna leave a hickey but I don't seem to care much about that at the moment. 

 My hands goes to his hair when I couldn't take it anymore and I laid my fingers through his hair, tugging at they roots as he kisses everywhere and my eyes closed on their own, the feeling overwhelming me. 
His kiss is hot and it feels so different. 

 I have kissed a handful of guys from high school but none of them were like this. 
This is hot and needy and it's filled with passion that I almost lost the entirely of myself into it. 

  He pull away from the kiss then drag the shirt of my pyjamas up, enough to reveal my tummy and his tongue swirls around my belly button.
Oh god. 
I bite down on my tongue to stop the sound that's trying t make it's way out of my throat, swallowing it back and he kisses my belly button up, up and that's when some of my senses comes back and I shake my head pulling the shirt back down. 

  "Is something wrong? "
 He raises his brows when he looks up at me and I shake my head immediately. 

  "No, nothing is wrong. I'm just not ready for that. "
 I smile at him but be doesn't meet my eyes. 
Did I do something? 

  "Oh yeah right. Sorry, I didn't know what came over me. "
 I shake my head and try to make him to kiss me back but he shakes his head and get up from my bed, staring over me and my mouth hangs open. 
He's leaving? 
Because I told him that in not ready for that yet? 

  "You should go to sleep. " 
He says and my mouth hangs open as I stare at him. 
I thought we were doing something. He wants me to go to sleep by? Because I had stopped him from getting what he wants?

   "I'm sorry if that's what you want and I'm not able to provide it to you. I'm just not ready for it now and I thought that maybe we Cond... "

  "That isn't it. Go to sleep. "
 He says and without another single word, he turns back and walk inside his room leaving me totally dumbfounded and speechless. 

 He just left? 
And just like a flash, my senses comes right back to me and I realized what I had just done. 
Oh god. I just kissed him. He kissed me. We made out. Almost, before I stopped him. 

  I'm not ready for. No one has ever done that to me and I don't think that I'm ready to allow him be the first. 
He just wants to use me, this I'm rely sure of and yet, my body wants him.. In quite a strange way that terrifies me.



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