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       Episode 12.



"Is everything alright? "
 He raises his brows at him, his worry disappearing by a fraction and I smile before shaking my head. 
His lips, they are so link. I wonder how they would taste. 

   I shake my head again. No, I can't be having these kind of thoughts. They are not welcomed. They are not good for me. Not good for me. Not good for me and yet still, I couldn't help but to let my gaze dart over to his lips once again.

  I try shifting back, maybe then I would come back to my senses but instead of shifting back, I found myself shifting forward and I can't stop. 

  He's staring at me. Watching me, not making a single move and I groan silently, heaving slowly as I move even closer to him until our nose are touching. 

  I close my eyes at the warmth of my skin against his and I groan loudly again. 
I want him to touch me. To touch me, anyway. Just for him to touch me. 
My body is in ache. 
I'm surprised at my own thoughts as well as the way my body is reacting to him and I stare at his eyes once again before looking down at his lips. 
He isn't stopping me. He isn't doing anything. Just still. 

  "What are you doing? "
 He whiskers, his breath heavy on my face and I pull back by only a fraction before looking down at his lips once again. 

  "I don't know . "
 I admit. That's the truth. I don't know what I'm doing or what I think I'm doing.  
I just know that I'm thinking but I'm not control of my own body or my mind for that matter. 
My senses seems to have disappear and I just want to kiss him. So badly. 

  "Then stop. Don't do it, you will regret it later. "
 He days and I shake my head . 

  "You can never knew that until I try it. "
 Damn! Where the hell did that came from. 

   "You will regret it. I know you will  you have to stop. Tomorrow, you run... "
 I touch my lips to his gently in a small attempt to shut him up and his lips. 
Oh god. They feel so heavenly against mime. So heavenly.
I can feel my heart beating faster against my chest as I pull myself to the him. 
He tastes like champagne and strawberry. 

  I sigh into his hips before pulling away and staring at him and my eyes goes back to his lips which has turned red and swollen from my slight assault. 

   I gulp in as I watch him stare at me and before I know it, he has grab me. Flipped us on the bed and touched his lips to mine. 
I groan against his as he moves between my legs while I try my best to keep my hands to myself, in order not to make a wrong move that would end up in him getting angry. 
I don't know where my senses are and I don't care that much to know either. At the moment. 
   He groans against my lip and I breathe into his mouth as I try to best to the note of every single thing he does. 
The way his lips moves against mine. The way they feel against mine. The way this feels. The way he slides his tongue in my mouth and bite down on my lower lip. 

 Cause I know that I only have today to be sure I'd what's happening. Tomorrow, I don't know what he would do so I can enjoy this tonight. 
Just this one night.




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