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       Episode 11.



 His eyes shines the same way it has did yesterday when I had just arrived here and I let out a frustrated breath before darting my eyes to the clock. 
It's almost past midnight.
He walks inside, closing the door behind him and I tuck my hair behind my ear before taking taking my gaze back to him and he's staring at me. 
He doesn't look half drunk like he did yesterday and I'm glad for that. 
At least, he would have some of his senses with him. 

  "You are back . "
 I finally utter when he wouldn't stop looking at me and I pray that he doesn't say anything rude. 

 Much to my wishes, he didn't say anything at all but only nods his head before sitting down in the couch which is near that the closet in the room. 

  "Can you get me a glass of water please. I need one. "
  Since when does he asks for my help and since when was he always so polite. 
I wonder where he went and if something happened there. 

  I nod before getting out of the bed and walking out of the room, toward the kitchen. 

   When I bet back from the kitchen, he's sprawled across on my bed and I sigh before walking over to him.. I'm so sleepy. It doesn't seem like I will be having my sleep peacefully lately. 

  "Thank you. "
 He says as I stretch the grass to him and I nod before moving back a little staring at him as he gulp in the content and hand me the cup  
I really do wonder what happened to him. He looks troblef. 

 I drop the cup on the bedside and wait for him to get out of my bed but he doesn't see to be making any efforts in doing so. 
  I sigh before walking over to the bed and sitting next to him, staring at him as he holds his head in between his hands. 
I was right. Something did happened. That's why he's like this. 
For some reason , I feel bad that something happened to him and I want him to tell me what happened but I know that's not gonna happen. 
He won't so I just keep quiet and watch him silently. 

   I don't like this. I don't like him just sitting here like this.
Although I don't like it when he's rude to me either but it seems like I do like him been rude and throwing all kinds of comments at me than him just sitting here, seeming so.... vulnerable. 

 Who could have hurt him, I wonder. 
Where is he always going? 
Should I ask? I shave my head. That would only get me into trouble. 
I just sit there in silent, picking at my fingernails until he raises his head to look at me and my breathing almost get caught in ny throat when I realized that in so close to him. 
   So close. I can feel his heavy breathing. 
I can feel his eyes on me. And I look down at his lips before taking my eyes back to his then down to his lips again. 

  They look so pink. 
Oh god. What the hell am I thinking about?!



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