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 (🔞Our Naughty Wants🔞)

               Episode 01.

~He told me that he is of the devil and I told him that I have somewhere in me to keep his demons. 
He told me that I will break while trying to pick up his broken pieces, I told him we would fix each other. 
He told me he would drag me through hell, I told him hell is paradise as long as he follows me. 
He told me that he has nothing to offer, I told him he's everything I need and want. 
He told me he's looking for a game, I told him to play me as long as I become his favourite toy. 

 He made it clear. 
No strings attached. No emotions. No feelings getting in the way. Nothing. 
Just us and our wants. 
He made it clear not to stray, I told him I can handle it. 
He is the tattooed guy. I am the naive girl. 
He becomes my roommate and together we become... Something else. 

 Something with no love but passion.. Hot intense passion. 
Something with no emotions but only the wants that overrides us. 

 This is who we are. 
No relationship between us but the one that our body wants. 
The undeniable force of attraction between us. 
He gets everything. 
Everything that the label of a boyfriend would get. 

 He got my body. Every inch of my body becomes his and I allowed him to. 
I had a say in it. He didn't force me to do anything. 
I did it because there was no running away from him. 
He has the darkness around him and he pulls me in, without no assurance that he would protect me. 

  No feelings follows. He had told me but that was only a empty hope, right? 
How do you be with someone without loving them? 
How do you give your entire body to someone without wanting to be with them? 
How do you break all your walls without trying to invite them in? 

 I fell along the way but that was my greatest mistake cause he didn't... And that led to a more whole level of complications. 

 This is the story about us. 
The story about him and me. 
The force that drives us together. 
 This is the story about how a no string attached relationship turns into something else... For me. 
For him.…..?

  The is the story of our naughty wants. 



    "I'm gonna miss you and your stupid lecturing talks. "
 Ashley, my younger sister says with her eyes glossy and I laugh, my own tears threatening to fall. 

 "Oh please, shut up! I know you love it when I do that and you can't deny that my lectures hasn't done something good in your life. "
 I chuckle and she shakes her head before hugging me to herself. 

 She is never the hugging type but this gives me joy that it could ever have done. 

 "Stay safe. Be careful please and as soon as I'm done with shitty high school, I'm coming with you. "
 I laugh and nod against her frame before she let's go of me and wipe away my tears. 

 I smile at her before moving over to my older brother. 
I smile at him and he ruffles my hair, the way he he always does. 

 "Goodbye kiddo and stay off dicks please. I don't want the next time you come here for you to have already gotten fat with a big baby bump. "
 He winks and I scoff before rolling my eyes. 

 He stops and there's silence in the room. 
I'm gonna miss him a lot, my overprotective brother. 

 "Be careful little sis and if you have any problem, please call me. "
 I nod before hugging him to myself and he pats my hair. 

 I sigh before moving over to my grandmother. 
I'm gonna miss her and her warm embrace. 

 "Be safe my daughter and remember to always visit hone when you have the chance. "
 I smile and nod and she hugs me to herself, patting my back. 

 I move back and a frown creeps up to my lips when I try to look for father but he's nowhere to be found. 
Of course he is not. 
He's always not around. Even like a day like this. 

 I shake the thought off my mind. This isn't the time to get emotional. 
I'm going to college, I should be happy. Not get sad. 
It's one of the best days of my life, I can't let my father to ruin it for me. 

 "Okay, I just called the woman and she says she's gonna meet you when you arrive. "
 I sigh as mother walks over to us. 

 "Mom, I already told you. I can stay at the dorms please. There's no need for you to waste money on the apartment. " 
 I sigh and she shakes her head. 

 "No, I'm not wasting money and I'm but allowing you to stay at the dorms. You won't. 
If you're worried about been alone, be rest assured. 
I think she said there will be another with you. "
 I smile and nod before stepping up and hugging her to myself. 
My mother. She's always trying to do the best for me and I appreciate that. 

 "Be well, sweetheart. New go. "
 I smile and pull away from her before staring at my family once more. 

 I drag my bag and get inside the car, waving at them till the car drives off. 
Goodbye family. 

 I just hope college would be fun. 
Mother said I would be getting a roommate at the apartment also, I can't wait to find out who it is.



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