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🍕🍕The Pizza girl 2🍕🍕

🍕(My baby mama is a pizza delivery girl)🍕

Season 2

🍕Episode 3🍕

Jasmine's POV🍕

‘Awww your daughter looks so cute'..A customer said aloud as Mandy wrapped her fingers around her thumb...

‘Thanks,well she's a clinger'..i replied kissing my daughter's cheeks..

‘Ohhh she doesn't look like you though she looks like her father maybe??'..The customer asked and I nodded nervously..

No matter how hard I try to fight the thought I can't hide the fact that Mandy is a perfect replica of Gabriel...

Blue eyes,square jaw,dimples and even the brown auburn hair...

That's why sometimes I find it hard to look at her sometimes...

‘Ch..chocolate..'..She stuttered pointing at the little boy holding a chocolate bar..

‘Sorry Mandy but mommy doesn't have enough money to buy you chocolates'..I replied and she bursted into hot tears...

‘I..I want Chocky!! I want chocky!!'..She cried out attracting the attention of some of the customers..

I quickly took her to the back of the kitchen to coo her to sleep but she wouldn't budge..

I hope Jonas doesn't hear us cause if there's one thing he hates is disturbing customers..

He's my closest friend but he doesn't mix business..

‘Jasmine!!!'..He yelled from his office..

‘I'm coming boss!!'.I replied giving Mandy her pacifier but she slapped my hands off...

I love her and all but sometimes it's damn hard joggling work with a baby involved..

‘Fine Mandy let's make a deal you shut up and I'll buy you Chocky okay??'..I whispered and her tears turned into giggles..

I dropped her in her reserved play pen which I'm allowed to bring in once a week and walked over to Jonas's office,he was already on the phone with someone when I opened the door...


‘I'm so sorry Jonas I swear it won't happen again!!'..I interjected clasping my hands together..

‘That's not what I'm concerned about Jasmine,I'm not worried about Mandy's noise —A little bit though but it still doesn't mean anything,I'm worried about you Jas i mean look at you,you're beautiful and smart and you have the most wonderful one year old but you've got to take a chill pill you're literally wearing yourself out and it's not good for you that's why I've decided to let you stop working as a waitress for me and stick to the pizza shop only'..He said..

‘What?? can't do this to me Jonas!! I've got a child to take care of !!!'..I protested slamming my hands angrily on the table..

I mean since when has my personal life got to do with work??...

‘Yeah and you also got a life to live —To the fullest Jasmine,look i love you and Mandy more than anything in this world and being your one and only Italian friend I've got to tell you that you're working yourself to death,go home Jasmine,have a good night sleep and go to the Pizza shop tomorrow Simon would really love you there'..He said..

I glared at him angrily for a while and when he turned around to make another phone call i stomped off..

Who the hell does he think he is??..

What audacity does he have to know what's best for me?!..

Who gave him the fucking right to talk about my personal life?!!..

Gosh I hate myself..

I hate my life..

And most of all I hate Gabriel Alivo,the bastard who's behind all this..

I hope he dies in that wormhole he calls a marriage and never find happiness...

Gabriel's POV🍕

‘So coupled up with Alivo's investment you should know that your business would boost by a 100% it's my personal guarantee to you'..I said to Mr Tonio,the company's new client...

‘Hmmm sure but to be honest I don't like discussing business matters in the office'..He replied picking his tooth..

‘Okay well why don't you come over to my place for dinner,I can have my wife prepare dinner for you'...i suggested..

‘Well that's a great idea,I'll be over by seven with my girlfriend and we could proceed from there'..he replied...

We both shook hands and he left,I grabbed my phone and called Jessica ready to tell her about the latest development and that she should behave..

📲:What?'..She asked harshly as she answered the call...

📱:Just chill Jessica well uhmm my client would be coming home for dinner and i would love if you'd prepare it'..i replied not paying attention to her rude nature..

📲:Me?? I'm not a friggin cook?!! Take him to a restaurant and don't call me ever again!!'..She screamed and hung up...

What kind of a wife do i even have?!!...



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