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🍕🍕The Pizza girl🍕🍕

🍕(Crazy but sweet)🍕

🍕Episode 15🍕

Jasmine's POV cont'd🍕

‘What are you talking about??'..i asked with a scowl on my face..

‘Well uhmm since you're in the need of cash and it's been long I uhmm you know'..Gabriel replied in an awkward tone..

Like what the hell is wrong with this dude??..

‘Hey if you've got something to say say it quick cause I'm kinda busy here?!'..I snapped pointing the knife at him...

He arched his brows for a while and then his grim face reduced to a taut smile...

‘Let me have s*x with you and fifty thousand dollars is yours Jasmine!!'..He spoke up....

Time froze immediately he said those words as I stopped dead in my tracks and looked into his greyish brown eyes...

‘ want me to have s*x with you?!'..I asked..

‘Y..yeah'..he replied gazing down at my red shoes...

Oh he has got to be kidding me!!!...

‘Are you mad in anyway?!! Are you alright?! Do I look like a whore to you ?!! Why on earth would you think i in my right mind would sleep with you?!!'..I yelled..

‘Are you a virgin??'..He asked and i gasped loudly...


‘I'm not a virgin but still it doesn't mean I'd jump into bed with anyone especially one as stupid as you!!!'..i fired and pushed him out of the kitchen...

He snickered a bit and then winked before saying his last words..

‘I'll give you time to think about it'...

Gabriel's POV🍕

I smiled softly seeing the shocked look on Jasmine's face as she brought out the egg muffins from the oven...

I don't get what's so special about the whole issue..

It's just harmless s*x and it's not like she's a virgin or anything so why is she acting like a prissy saint??..

Twenty minutes later🍕
‘Dinner is served'..She said as she placed rolled a tray of dishes into the dining room....

‘Whoa is that your chef?? She's beautiful'..Audrey whispered into my ears and I smirked...

‘Yeah she's pretty but she's only here for tonight'..I said..

‘Ohhh is she a new catch?? you like her??'..he asked again .

‘Yeah I like her,she's crazy but sweet anyway'...I murmured and watched intently as Jasmine talked with Hollin's guest just like a chef would...

Yeah i like her .

I like more than I'm supposed to..

The question is why??..



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