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Season 8

Episode 9

(Became A Prisoner In An Instant?)

Lin Che smiled and said, “Yes, it’s just like how we see your faces.”

The bodyguards behind went into the hotel with them.

Looking at the decor of the hotel, Lin Che thought that it didn’t seem like the taste of a C National. She took a few steps forward when her phone rang. She took it up to see that it was Gu Jingze again.

He was practically calling every half an hour and it was driving Lin Che impatient.

Lin Che answered the call and said, “I’m fine, I’m already at the hotel. Nothing happened on the way and everyone is present. Is there anything else you want to ask?”

Gu Jingze remained silent for a long time before chuckling, “I can’t help it. I can leave others alone, but with a person with your intellect, it makes me worry when you’re pregnant.”

“Go to hell. I’m not going to get lost.”

“Okay. Are you at your destination?”

“Yeah, I’m at the hotel. I heard that a C National opened it and it’s quite huge. Who would have thought that C Nationals could do business everywhere?”

“But of course. The Gu family also has many businesses in Los Angeles.”

“Yes yes yes, you’re the best,” Lin Che rolled her eyes.

Gu Jingze asked, “What hotel did you say it was?”

“Oh, it’s called… Miramar Hotel.”

“Miramar…” Gu Jingze flipped through a file in his hands as he mumbled the name…

He stood up agitatedly from his seat and his eyes burned bright like a sword being pulled out of its scabbard.

“Lin Che, get out from there right now.”


“It’s not opened by a C National. Get out now.”

Lin Che was stunned and she looked to her side. Although she didn’t understand what Gu Jingze meant, she still instinctively turned to leave upon listening to his tone.

However, just then…

“Mrs. Gu, what’s the hurry? You haven’t said hello to me yet.”

A strange voice rang from inside. Lin Che turned around to see the man coming out.

It turned out to be Li Mingyu.

Lin Che’s entire body tensed up. Then, she relaxed as she realized that it was too late to escape. She had to face him.

“Hello,” she said. “I didn’t see Mr. Li. Furthermore, I’m not familiar with you. There’s no need to greet you even if I saw you.”

Li Mingyu looked her up and down.

It had been a long time since he saw her. However, she always looked so dazzling without any changes.

She was a special woman after all. No wonder she managed to charm Gu Jingze into her hands.

He looked at Lin Che. “Your words really break my heart. Am I really not worth you looking at?”

“That’s not it either. It’s just that I am a married woman and it’s naturally not a good thing for me to casually chat up strange men, furthermore a stranger like yourself. Okay, Mr. Lee, I still have things to do, so I’ll be on my way.”

“Hey, don’t be like this. It’s rare that we get to meet. Let’s have a chat,” Li Mingyu stopped her from leaving.

At this point, Lin Che also noticed that there were people following behind Li Mingyu and they did not look like kind people.

Meanwhile, Stephen was already rather fearful.

He looked at the two groups in puzzlement. He stared at Li Mingyu’s side, then at Lin Che’s side.

“Lin Che, this is…”

Lin Che listened to the translator who was still talking, but she already did not have the mood to answer.

She looked at the man in front of her and said, “There’s nothing to chat about with you.”

“But I’ve always been very interested in Mrs. Gu. In terms of your acting, your programs, and how you stole Gu Jingze’s heart. I want to know all of these. Come on, let’s have a good chat,” he spoke as he inched closer to her. The men behind him also stepped forward menacingly.

The four beautiful bodyguards behind Lin Che also stepped forward, obviously ready to square off with them.

Li Mingyu then said, “Ha, Mrs. Gu, the beauties behind you are not bad. I know that these ladies all came from the Falcon training camp. All of them are fierce individuals who experienced many battles. Gu Jingze is really so generous towards you. To train one of these would require immense manpower and resources. Each one of them is very precious. Furthermore, they were specially chosen by their looks. Tsk tsk. Do you know how many of such bodyguards there are in the world?”

Lin Che really did not know that these female bodyguards were so rare.

She knew it was very expensive, but she never thought about how expensive it was exactly.

Seeing that Lin Che remained silent, Li Mingyu continued, “There are only eight and you already have four behind you.”


This rare?

Li Mingyu chuckled, “But it’s a pity…”

What was a pity?

Lin Che looked at him. “What exactly do you mean?”

Li Mingyu said, “It’s a pity that they are not invincible no matter how good they are. Furthermore, this is my territory. If you don’t want these ladies to be beaten down here… you’d better have a talk with me.”

“…” Lin Che turned around to look at these ladies. They already looked ready to fight, but…

Fighting fire with fire would not do any good.

She looked at Li Mingyu. “Fine. It’s just a chat, right? Let’s go in and chat.”

The hero does eat before the loss.

Furthermore, she was pregnant now. She couldn’t be reckless.

What he said was right. This was his territory. Even though she brought bodyguards with her, there was really no other choice since she was in his territory.

Since this was the case, they would have a talk. What was there to be afraid of? There was always a solution to a problem.

Li Mingyu clapped, “I just knew it. Mrs. Gu is a wise person who submits to circumstances.”

The beauties behind watched and could only follow them.

Stephen seemed to understand that the other party was not to be trifled with. Lin Che was indeed no ordinary person.

Watching Li Mingyu’s men and Lin Che’s ladies, he could feel that the aura they had was different.

These were all people he could not afford to offend.

He waved his hands, but he didn’t dare to ask what he should do. He took the chance and quickly left first.

Lin Che and Li Mingyu went inside.

Li Mingyu said, “Come in. Let’s have a good chat. Your beauties can rest outside.”

She said, “Just say whatever you want to say. You don’t need to beat about the bush.”

“Oh my, don’t be so boring. What’s the fun in being direct? Life is a long journey. It’ll only be interesting if we switched things up.”

Lin Che only rolled her eyes.

Li Mingyu looked at Lin Che admiringly. “A beauty will always be a beauty. You look great even when you roll your eyes. No wonder Gu Jingze is smitten with you.”

Lin Che nearly choked, “Hey, please talk properly.”

“I’m complimenting you, Mrs. Gu.”

“You can forget about it. Your compliments make me want to cry.” Lin Che decided to take a seat. Even if she was a prisoner now, she shouldn’t mistreat herself.




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