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Season 8

Episode 8

( I’m Biased Towards You Not The Child)

The doctor told Lin Che about important things to take note of.

Lin Che listened intensely, hoping that she would not forget a single word.

This child was very precious to her. It was their first child together and it was her first time being pregnant. To her, she still didn’t know how it felt like to have a child.

When they went out, Gu Jingze held her hand and said, “Seriously, make the baby smaller. Don’t eat too much.”

Lin Che looked impatiently at Gu Jingze. “How can I do that? The baby’s health is the most important.”

“Didn’t you hear what the doctor said? The baby will take in nutrients himself. You don’t need to eat that much. If you do, he’ll grow fat and it won’t do him any good. Thus, you don’t have to follow any special diet. I hope he can be a little skinnier.”

“Seriously, what kind of father behaves like you?” Lin Che laughed until she teared up.

Gu Jingze said, “My gut tells me that this child will definitely be a boy.”

“You can tell?”

“Yes. When you told me that you were pregnant, I already felt it. This child is a boy. I don’t care about the gender, but if it’s a boy, he’s going to have a wife sooner or later. On the other hand, you’re the one who’s going to be by my side for life, so of course, I need to be biased towards you.”

By his side for life?

These words sounded more moving coming out from Gu Jingze’s lips.

Lin Che smiled at Gu Jingze. He took up her hand and planted a kiss on it. His eyes were overflowing with emotions.

Just then, an Asian couple suddenly smiled and spoke to Lin Che in Mandarin, “Madam, your husband is really too good to you.”

Lin Che turned around and looked at that couple.

The lady’s belly was also already very big. The husband was holding her at her waist. They looked like they had difficulties.

Lin Che smiled sheepishly. Gu Jingze put an arm around her, looked at her and said, “She is my wife. If I don’t treat her well, who else can I treat well?”

That lady nudged her own husband, “Look at other people. The wife is pregnant and his heart aches so bad for her. As for you, I had to beg you to come to the check-up with me.”

The man looked at Lin Che and then at Gu Jingze. He looked rather guilty and smiled sheepishly. He quickly pulled his complaining wife into the room.

Lin Che looked up and gazed at Gu Jingze. At this moment, she felt as if he was more gigantic than normal.

She was lucky to have such a doting husband. He was such a perfect man.

Lin Che had never received love like this before. At that moment, she felt even more touched as she leaned into his arms. She said softly, “Don’t worry. I’ll be fine. It’s just pregnancy. Furthermore, you’re so capable and rich. You wouldn’t let anything happen to me. We’ll find the best doctor and make the best preparations, right?”

Gu Jingze seemed to be comforted. He nodded, “You’re right. I’ll find the best doctor right now and we’ll contact the hospital. If you want, where would you like to rest? I think the Nordics is not bad. The environment there is easier and the air is also better…”

Lin Che thought that she shouldn’t have said all those…

She stared blankly as Gu Jingze began to pick up his phone to buy a villa in the Nordics just for her pregnancy. The people beside them seemed to have heard his words and turned their heads to look. Some looked on strangely wondering if this guy was mad. Why was he talking about buying a villa in the hospital…

Anyway, they were only here to confirm the pregnancy. After that, Gu Jingze went into a frenzy of arranging doctors and he also began to worry about Lin Che’s safety.

Lin Che wanted to go back to the production set on that day, but Gu Jingze was not willing at all. He also immediately assigned beautiful female bodyguards to her and they accompanied her to the set.

At the set, Stephen saw Lin Che come in with a few tall beauties behind her. He was stunned. He was about to tell her about the scenes but he did not expect her to bring so many people along.

“This is…”

Lin Che looked back and also thought that it was too extravagant. However, she could only shrug and said, “This… is a bodyguard.”

“Woah, your company is really meticulous in taking care of you.”

Lin Che said, “Yes…”

“And it looks like your company is really very rich. It’s my first time seeing bodyguards of this quality… Wow, I heard that you started the company. Oh my God…” Stephen looked at Lin Che in disbelief. “Don’t tell me that you’re actually a very wealthy person?”

Stephen recalled his past impression of her. He was not familiar with Asian actors, so he always thought that Lin Che had a different aura about her. However, he never thought too much into it. Looking at the bodyguards behind her today, he truly realized… ordinary people would not be able to afford extremely beautiful and orderly female bodyguards like these. They were very expensive.

Lin Che quickly replied, “How can that be? Let’s go. Don’t we need to talk about the script? Come on, Director.”

After listening to the translator’s words, Lin Che hastily pushed Stephen through the door.

The beautiful bodyguards remained outside. They looked very impressive.

Stephen said that an investor wanted to meet Lin Che today.

Lin Che did not like meeting such people. However, Stephen said, “They knew that I hired a new Asian face, so they probably just want to see what kind of lead actor you are.”

Lin Che knew that she could not avoid this as an actor. It was the same back at home. Since they invested money, she had to give them a little face.

Thus, Lin Che agreed to it.

Stephen said, “That’s great! You have your beautiful bodyguards anyway and they are not like Henry. They won’t do anything harmful to you. Don’t worry.”

Stephen could tell that she wasn’t an actor who casually bowed her head and she completely did not care about those rich investors.

Of course, he couldn’t understand. Lin Che faced wealthy people every day ever since she married Gu Jingze. She also never saw anyone who had as much charisma and wealth as he did. Thus, she wasn’t curious about any other rich person.

She only agreed to meet the investor for the director’s sake.

Otherwise, Lin Che would not want to entertain clients.

Together with Stephen, they went to the investor’s hotel in the afternoon.

Stephen said, “I think this hotel was also opened by a C National. I’ve seen them once and they looked similar to you. However, I can’t really tell the difference in Asian faces. I think your people all look the same.”



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